Can you eat gingerbread houses?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question: “Can you eat gingerbread houses?” and other related queries.

Can you eat gingerbread houses? 

Yes, you can eat gingerbread houses. But make sure the ingredients used to decorate the gingerbread are made from natural ingredients and are edible in order to avoid any sickness after consumption. Also, if left for several weeks over the counter, the quality will be reduced. 

So, if you consume an old gingerbread house, its taste will not be very fresh and it might be inedible. However, generally, a gingerbread house is made from gingerbread. To make its shape, icing sugar is used to stick all parts together to get a house form at the end. 

Whether you are baking and preparing your gingerbread house at home or you have bought the kit from a store, in both cases the cookies should be made from edible ingredients in order to be consumed later on.

Some candies, sprinkles, frostings, and gummies are added to the gingerbread house for decoration purposes. All these additions are edible and tasty if you want to consume them. When comparing the taste and texture of the gingerbread as cookies to those prepared to make a house you will find a big difference.

Cookies that are prepared to make the gingerbread house are sometimes overbaked to hold to final form. So, the texture will be harder than regular gingerbread cookies. Another way to avoid unpalatable gingerbread houses is to make your cookies at home. This way you control the ingredients added and the baking time.


How long do gingerbread houses last?

Generally, a gingerbread house can last for one week. After this time, mold can start developing on the cookies especially if you have prepared them at home and you do not overbake them. So, some moisture will persist within the food leading to bacteria and mold development.

However, even if mold has not developed on the surface of the cookies, the quality of the product will start decreasing after five to seven days from the preparation date. Thus, it is advised to avoid the consumption of gingerbread houses that have been left for more than one week.

Store-bought gingerbread house kits or overbaked cookies can last for four to six weeks after preparation. In such a case, the person is not advised to consume such a product when left for that long in an inappropriate environment. 

When should you not eat a gingerbread house?

First, you should not eat gingerbread houses if you have used inedible products to make your gingerbread house. For example, if you have used glue to stick all parts together you of course will not eat the gingerbread house because it can be toxic and unpalatable. 

Also, when you use inedible decorating stuff to decorate your gingerbread house, you should not be consuming the cookies due to their potentially harmful effects on your health. So, use candies and gummies, and other safe and edible stuff for decoration. 

Finally, if you leave your gingerbread house for several weeks after preparation, you are not advised to eat and consume it. Because the quality of the cookies will be bad and unpalatable. Also, the quality of the decorating stuff will decrease with time. Mold is more likely to develop after a certain time.

What are the reasons to not make a gingerbread house?

Many reasons stand behind not making a gingerbread house. However, the reasons depend on the person himself. First, a gingerbread house is hard to make. Many techniques should be followed to make good gingerbread to assemble them into a house shape.

So, you should control the humidity and the temperature in the kitchen in order to get the best result. Even if you bought an already prepared kit from the store you will not be able to get a good result in the end because the pieces will not stick well together. 

Another reason is the taste of the gingerbread house. Usually when it is made the gingerbread house is left for several days to weeks at room temperature. So, with time and due to humidity and particles in the air the quality and the taste of the product will decrease. 

Thus, the cookies will become inedible and unpalatable. Finally, gingerbread is not generally made to be consumed. Children enjoy preparing and decorating the gingerbread house more than eating the cookies and the candies added to it for decoration purposes.


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question: “do you eat gingerbread houses?” and other related queries.


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