Can you eat fried chicken with braces

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “Can you eat fried chicken with braces?”. We will also discuss when you cannot eat chicken if you have braces. In the end, we will discuss how to eat chicken while having braces.

Can you eat fried chicken with braces?

Fried chicken is safe to consume while wearing braces. For those who just had their teeth straightened, fried chicken does not present any specific issues.

You can eat boneless, easily chewable chicken meals while wearing braces. You may also use ingredients like soft veggies in the dish. However, because these chemicals might harm your braces, you should stay away from chicken meals that include them.

Pizza, tacos, taco salad, tacos, green beans, and other cuisine you choose to try may also be consumed while wearing braces. But before you consume fried chicken while wearing braces, there are some issues you should be aware of.

The first thing to understand is that there is a chance the fried chicken might become trapped in your bracket, causing you a lot of trouble if it falls into your mouth. The possibility of food particles remaining between teeth after eating.

Although these food fragments may be digested within a day or 2, if there is a wire hanging out, it may collect the debris and may irritate your gums. By eating soft meals and paying attention to what you’re eating, you may easily avoid the majority of these problems.

When can you not eat chicken if you have braces?

When you are facing following issues try not to eat chicken:

Care must be taken after having braces tightened.

For the first few days after having your braces tightened, you can experience discomfort. You need to stay away from some chicken meals at this period. At such time, choose your meals more carefully. If not, the wire may become ripped or your braces may lose their hold.

Brittle, crunchy chicken pieces

You need to be careful and sometimes avoid chicken items if you discover that they are crunchy or rough.

Some chicken meals include nuts like walnuts, which are hard and gritty and unsuitable for braces. They could damage the wires or destroy your braces, which is why. Biting on the tough, chewy piece of chicken puts strain on the teeth and braces.

You risk having loose braces because of this. The chicken can harm braces or cables if it isn’t soft enough to slide through them. This is about the moment when a chicken fiber becomes lodged in the teeth. Without braces, you can clean them.

However, removing it will be difficult if you have braces on your teeth. There will be an excess build-up of germs and plaque if that continues for a long period. You’ll eventually get sensitive teeth and tooth decay. Chicken bits aren’t as terrible as mutton or beef, however.

Chicken thigh pies

There are sticky chicken meals. It might have pieces that get caught in cables and brackets. To clean them, you can run across difficulties. They may once again harm the teeth and braces. So take care.

Ribs and chicken bones

When wearing braces, avoid biting on the bones. A lot of individuals like eating bones. When consuming a chunk of leg, they sometimes bite on the entire bone. The braces will be harmed by these kinds of activity. Additionally harmful to your braces is meat from the ribs.

How to eat chicken while having braces?

One of the finest high-protein meals you can consume while wearing braces is chicken. However, you must choose chicken dishes that are tender and non-sticky in order to protect your braces.

Keep in mind to never chew on anything crunchy or bony when wearing braces. This may result in the braces being damaged or increase the pressure on the teeth that you are already working so hard to straighten.

You may eat chicken meals that are safe for braces, but you must carefully brush your teeth after each meal. You must stay away from poultry recipes that are tough or might snag your braces.

Maintain a constant awareness of both the food you consume and the manner in which you consume it. Certain meals, like chicken, need you to use your teeth in order to chew them properly. But, you do have other alternatives available to you.

Ask your orthodontist if you’re unsure if you should consume a certain meal while wearing braces. A professional orthodontist is necessary for a healthy mouth.


In this brief article, we answered the question “Can you eat fried chicken with braces?”. We also discussed when you cannot eat chicken if you have braces. In the end, we discussed how to eat chicken while having braces.


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