Can you eat Canadian geese?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “can you eat Canada geese?” We will also discuss why Canada geese tend to have an awful smell. Moreover, we will discuss how to cook Canada Goose.

Can you eat Canada geese?

The answer is yes, Canadian goose meat is safe to eat if it is properly cooked and free of contaminants. Canada geese are found in the wild therefore in some countries it is illegal to hunt them, but if it is permitted to hunt them in your country, then you can safely eat Canada Geese meat.

Canada Goose is a very fatty bird, so their meat is quite greasy. This can make them taste a bit gamey to some people. Geese tend to have a strong, pungent smell, which can also add to the gamey taste. 

While it is okay to eat Canada Geese, there is a concern for contamination with lead shot, as geese are often hunted with firearms. Lead shot can cause lead poisoning if ingested, so it is important to be sure that the goose meat you are eating is free of lead shot.  

What are Canada Geese?

Canada goose is a species of goose found in the wild. They are larger than normal geese with black necks and heads. Their bodies are brown with white cheeks. They are found natively in the temperate and arctic North America regions. 

They tend to migrate a lot and are herbivores like other types of geese. It typically nests near water and feeds on grasses, aquatic plants, and small animals. 

Canada goose is of Branta species made of barnacle goose and cackling goose which are large black plumage. 

The Canada goose is the most popular type of goose to eat due to its large size and nice flavors. Different sauces can be used to serve it grilled or roasted. 

The third type is the snow goose which is smaller with delicate flavors. Their meat is steamed or boiled with light sauces. 

The Ross’s goose is also quite small. You can use the light sauce on it after grilling or roasting it. Of the three types, it is the one with a more mild flavor.

Why do Canada Geese have an awful smell?

The main reason why Canada geese have an awful smell is that they eat a lot of food that is high in protein and fat. This diet causes their bodies to produce a lot of waste, which is then excreted through their skin and feathers. 

The strong smell is contributed by their waste that contains ammonia. Additionally, Canada geese are not very good at grooming themselves, so their feathers often become matted and filthy causing them to have an awful smell.

Moreover, Canada geese live in areas with a lot of algae, their feathers can become coated in it. Algae are known to produce a strong, unpleasant odor. 

How healthy are Canada Geese?

Canada’s goose meat has low-fat content and high protein because of its lean body. Omega-3 fatty acids in Canada goose are healthy. The meat also contains iron and other essential minerals. Overall, Canada goose meat is a healthy option when choosing protein sources.

How do you cook Canada Geese?

First, it is important to properly prepare the goose before cooking. This means removing any unwanted feathers, as well as the giblets and innards. The goose should then be rinsed inside and out with cold water. 

Once the goose is prepared, it is time to start cooking. For the best results, cook the goose slowly over low heat to keep it moist yet evenly cooked.

As the goose cooks, be sure to baste it regularly with its juices or with a mixture of melted butter and water to add more flavors to the meat as well as prevent drying of the skin.

Once the goose is cooked through, remove it from the heat and let it rest for a few minutes before carving for the redistribution of the juice for the final bird to be more flavourful and juicer.


In this article, we have answered the question, “ can you eat Canada geese?” We have also discussed how you can cook Canada Goose. Moreover, we have discussed how healthy Canada Geese are.

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