Can you eat bananas on keto

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “Can you eat bananas on keto?”. We will also discuss how a keto diet works, the daily allowance of carbs, how eating bananas disrupts ketosis and the nutritional value of bananas. 

Can you eat bananas on keto?

No, you can not eat bananas on a keto diet despite the sweet delicious taste and numerous health benefits of this type of fruit.

Bananas are not recommended to be consumed in your ketogenic diet due to their high carbohydrate and sugar content that will blow your diet out. 

How does a keto diet work?

The keto or ketogenic diet is one of the most popular trendy diet plans today that you can easily follow. This type of diet resembles low-carb and Atkins diets in some features; however, it is distinguished from other types of diets by its own unique special characteristics as:

  • consumption of high-fat foods.
  • consumption of low-carb

Based on this fact, the low carbohydrate intake and the high amount of fat you consume while following this diet will push your body into a ketosis state where the metabolism rate will be at its peak and thus burn that fat into energy.

Most people have become aware and more conscious nowadays that every type of food they add to their diet will not only affect their health but also their weight. 

That is why if you want to manage your ideal body weight and look after your health, it is highly recommended to follow a certain diet plan that perfectly fits into your lifestyle based on your health, medical condition, and body needs.

What is the daily allowance of carbs in a keto diet?

Keto diet depends on several factors. Probably the most important is limiting your carbohydrate consumption between 20 – 50 grams daily.

To achieve this aim it is highly recommended to add low carbohydrate foods to your diet in moderation without excessive consumption and to restrict as much as possible the high carbohydrate food types since the latter will contribute to the formation of ketosis. 

How does a banana disrupt your ketosis?

The keto diet is based on a low intake of carbohydrates which should not exceed a fixed range. But since a small-sized banana contains more than 20 g of net carbs, this means that eating just one banana will boost your carb intake and breach your entire daily carb allowance.

Based on this fact it is better to cut bananas from your keto or low-carb diet especially when you are trying to lose weight and of course in the beginning. 

However, you can eat this tasty sweet fruit occasionally in your diet once you are in maintenance mode after you’ve lost weight and want to increase your carb intake.

What is the nutritional value of bananas?

Bananas are a popular fruit which is distinguished in all countries by their rich nutritional content that makes it a healthy addition to any diet EXCEPT keto as we have explained so far

In this section we will prove at the nutritional level how are bananas almost completely carbs and why they are a bad choice in a keto diet,

Fat0 grams
Carbs27 grams
Net carbs24 grams
Dietary fibre3 grams
protein1 gram
Calcium300 mg 
Phosphorus 246 mg

Based on this composition, you can see how bananas contain 14 grams of sugar out of 27 grams of carbs with only a very small amount of fibre which contradicts the daily keto diet allowance of carbs which should be less than 50 grams.

This composition leads to a spike in your blood sugar levels and forces your body out of the fat-burning mode, making them not keto-friendly.

Bananas are rich in a few vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, and vitamin C and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Thus in a keto diet, it is important to get them from an alternative source such as low-carb fresh fruits and veggies. 

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “Can you eat bananas on keto?” We will also discuss how a keto diet works,  the daily allowance of carbs, how eating bananas disrupts ketosis, and the nutritional value of bananas. 


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