Can you eat avocado every day?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “can you eat avocado every day?” We will also discuss what is the nutritional profile of these fruits and what health benefits are associated with their consumption.

Can you eat avocado every day?

Yes, you can eat avocado every day. However, you need to be careful about the portion of avocado you eat per day. According to the Cleveland Clinic, eating ½ to 1 avocado is enough for your daily dietary regimen.

Adding avocado to your everyday diet can be really beneficial for your health, you will get a significant amount of healthy monounsaturated fat which can boost your overall health, especially, your gut health.

Another great aspect of eating avocados every day is that overeating will not be a problem, these fruits have the ability to make you feel full quickly. Even though avocados are not low-cal, your whole body will be thankful for you! 

Fortunately, avocados can be found in most parts of the world, especially in North America. So, if you want to add some guac to your diet, this is the signal to do so.

Are avocados healthy?

Avocados are delicious fruits that can be added to your dishes to boost their flavor and nutritional profile. According to data obtained from the USDA, 100 grams of raw avocado can provide

Nutritional facts about 100 g of raw avocado
Total Fat14.7g

As you can notice, avocados have a complete nutritional profile, they exhibit significant levels of minerals and vitamins that will help your body work properly. Potassium is a critical nutrient for controlling blood pressure, but it is not included in the modern diet.

Another great nutrient found in this fruit is vitamin B6, you can get 15% of the daily need only by eating half of an avocado. So, if you want to prevent inflammation and protect yourself against oxidative damage, this fruit will be your best friend.

So, only by adding ½ or 1 whole avocado to your daily eating, you can boost your overall health.    

What are the benefits of eating an avocado every day?

Now that we have taken a look at the nutritional profile of these fruits, it is time to know more about what those nutrients can do to our health. According to Healthline, some health benefits associated with the consumption of avocados are

  • Boost your gut health. Thanks to the dietary fiber provided by avocados, the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut will happen, or at least that is what an interesting study determined. What is scientifically proven is that avocados will help your digestive process. 
  • Prevent heart disease. The nutritional profile of avocados is associated with lessening the risk of getting heart disease. As the minerals of this fruit help to regulate your cholesterol, you can read more about this subject here.
  • Rich in antioxidants. These chemicals are known for protecting us against oxidative damage, which can make the skin and heart of the consumer healthier. Cognitive function is also improved by consuming antioxidants.
  • Keep a healthy body weight. Thanks to their fiber and healthy fat content, a diet full of avocados will help you maintain a healthy weight. 

How to choose an avocado?

Have you ever seen brown avocados? What about under ripe avocados? The truth is that choosing the best avocado will change the whole experience. You will know that one of these fruits is ready to be eaten when:

  • If the avocado yields to a firm texture when you apply a little pressure, it is ready to be eaten.
  • Color can also let you know when they are ready, ripe avocados tend to exhibit a darker color.
  • Avoid avocados that feel mushy. 

Now, you can also get avocados with smooth skin if you want to save them for the rest of the week. If you are looking to eat it in fewer days, choose the ones with a slightly bumpy texture and darker color.

How to add avocado to your daily meals?

If you want to go with a healthier diet that includes avocado, we got you covered! Make sure you give these recipes a try. Love & Lemons have prepared a full list of cool recipes with avocado, some of my favorites are:

  • Guacamole (it will boost the flavor of any dish!)


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “can you eat avocado every day?” We have also discussed what is the nutritional facts about this fruit and the health benefits associated with its consumption.

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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