Can you eat an avocado with brown spots?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “can you eat an avocado with brown spots?” We will also discuss why avocados can turn brown and if it is safe to eat them in that estate.

Can you eat an avocado with brown spots?

Yes, you can eat an avocado with brown spots without any trouble, this only applies when avocados have brown spots but you can also notice the green creamy flesh. When brown spots start to appear it means that the quality of the product will start to decay. 

Avocado is a delicious delicacy that can be combined with different dishes, but it is also true that it is not easy to choose one of these ingredients, especially if you are a noob in the gastronomic field.

Keep in mind that you can safely eat avocados with brown spots, as long as they do not present any of the following signs.

  • Off smell. If you detect a pungent smell, it means that it is no longer safe to eat these items.
  • Slimy texture. When the flesh of the avocado has become slimy, it is better to throw them away as they are no longer safe to eat. 

What are avocados?

Have you ever tried guacamole? Well, this delicious dip is made with avocado flesh mixed with other ingredients. But, have you ever wondered if avocados are a veggie or a fruit? Well, let’s start with some facts about this ingredient.

Surprisingly, avocados are a fruit! They are well-known because of their green flesh that becomes darker when ripe, so, if you notice a brown avocado, it means that it has ripened already.

There are different avocado varieties in the market, and their color will change depending on the type you have bought. Some of the most popular varieties of avocados are  

  • Fuerte. This variety is pear-shaped and contrary to other varieties, their skin is smooth. 
  • Hass. This is the most popular variety of avocados, they are oval-shaped and their skin is pebbly. It is mostly harvested in California.
  • Lamb Hass. As you can guess, its look and flavor is very similar to the Hass variety but this variety is larger.
  • Bacon. This variety is characterized by having green skin, being medium size, and is usually available in late fall.
  • Pinkerton. The appearance of this variety can be compared with a long pear, and it also has a small seed. 

Is avocado healthy?

If you have ever followed a diet, avocados are usually recommended as they are an excellent source of healthy fats that will help you reach your goals. Also, they possess a creamy texture that in combination with their rich flavor, makes them the perfect company for your toast.

According to data obtained from the USDA, 100 grams of avocado can provide different nutrients, as the chart below describes.

Nutrition facts about raw avocados
Total Fat14.7g
Dietary fiber6.7g

Avocado also contains different vitamins and minerals, like vitamin K, E, and C. So, if you want to make your sandwich or tacos healthier, you can add some avocado slices that will provide nutrients that help your body function correctly. 

How to tell when an avocado has spoiled?

Choosing the perfect avocado is not an easy task, it takes some practice to notice when avocados have reached the perfect amount of ripeness. Now, some brown spots will not cause any harm to your health, but you should check for these signs to consume avocado safely.

Also, you only need your senses to discover when it is time to discard your avocados. Make sure you check for the following signs.

  • Mushy texture. Avocados should possess a firm texture but when you press them gently, they will feel soft. If you notice an overly soft texture, then the avocado might have gone bad.
  • Black flesh. It is normal to notice some brown spots covering the green flesh of this fruit, but if the whole flesh has become black, then it might not be longer safe to eat it.
  • Off smell. Taking a quick sniff at your avocados will help you notice when they have gone bad. If you detect a bad smell, instead of a fresh odor, it is time to discard your avocados.
  • Mold growth. Mold is an indicator that any type of food is no longer safe to be eaten, eating mold can cause different health effects, if you want to read more about this subject, click here.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “can you eat an avocado with brown spots?” We have also discussed if it is safe to eat brown avocados and other queries related to the subject at hand.

Hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions, please let us know.


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