Can you eat a monkey?

In this brief guide, we will discuss the following question: “can you eat a monkey?” and other related queries.

Can you eat a monkey? 

Yes, you can eat monkey meat and other parts like the brain. But eating monkey meat can be harmful to your health. This type of meat is consumed in different parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia. Also, some parts of Europe and America eat monkey meat. 

Agile mangabey and baboon are a few types of monkeys that are generally consumed especially in African regions. Scientifically, the genetics and the physiology of monkeys is very similar to humans so some populations do not consume such meat due to this reason.

Also, consuming monkey meat can lead to many life-threatening diseases. Regarding the taste and the texture of the meat, this meat is not flavorful and is not very tender. So, the monkey meat is tough to be consumed. 

What countries eat monkey meat?

As previously stated, the consumption of monkey meat depends on countries. Despite being very consumed in Asia and Africa, not all people living in these countries consume such meat due to several reasons and considerations. Also, some regions of America and Europe consume monkey meat.

Liberia, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan are some African regions that consume monkey meat. Brazil, the United States, and Mexico are some of the countries that eat monkey meat. In the United States, monkey meat has been secretly imported into the country. 

However, this type of meat is costly if found. In Mexico, spider monkey dishes are very popular in the southern regions of the country. Eating monkey meat in these regions is prohibited and the consumption of their meat is declining. 

China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam are some of the Asian countries that consume monkey meat. Eating monkey meat was prohibited in some Chinese regions. However, monkey meat is very prized in China and people believe that consuming such meat has many health benefits. 

In Indonesia, not all the population consumes monkey meat due to religious beliefs. For example, Muslims in Indonesia do not consume this type of meat however, other religions consume meat and find it a delicacy. 

In Japan, the consumption of monkey meat is very rare. However, they also believe in the benefits of monkey meat on health. For example, pregnant women consume monkey meat after giving birth because they believe that the nutrients in this meat help in giving them energy.

How is monkey meat cooked?

Many methods can be used to cook monkey meat. So, monkey meat can be grilled, boiled, or fried. The method of cooking and preparation is essential to give the monkey meat a good and palatable taste and flavor. However, the taste of the meat is a personal preference.

There is a recipe that is called monkey meat but it is done with beef. To do this recipe, you need to bring a big piece of beef and clean it from excess fat. Next, season it with some pepper, cumin, olive oil, salt, and garlic. Put on a pan with some olive oil and heat it. 

Then add your beef and keep it on each side for several minutes until it is gold. Lower the heat and add some broth with onions, garlic, pepper, and celery. Keep the meat in the broth until it is cooked. When it is done, serve it. 

What are the deadliest dishes in the world? 

Many dishes around the world are consumed by several populations but they can be harmful because they can lead to food poisoning thus life-threatening. The first dish is the ackee and saltfish. This is a Jamaican dish where all ingredients are considered safe for consumption. 

However, the ackee is a fruit that is collected before it ripens. Because when this fruit is picked up when it is fully ripped it can lead to death due to its toxins content leading to seizures and vomiting. Another dish is the baked bullfrog. To be done fully matured bullfrogs are collected.

Cassava which is commonly used to make gluten-free flour for people with celiac disease can be harmful when inappropriately consumed and prepared.

So, in order to consume cassava, it should be well cooked. Before cooking, the cassava should be soaked and fermented for at least one day before preparation. Because in its raw form cassava contains cyanogenic glycosides which is a toxic compound. 

Finally, the monkey brain was consumed in some parts of China when the monkey was still alive. However, this meal is harmful to a person’s health due to the risk of being contaminated with spongiform encephalopathies which can be deadly in some cases. 


In this brief guide, we discussed the following question: “can you eat a monkey?” and other related queries.


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