Can you drink in Dubai?

In this brief blog, we will answer the query,”Can you drink in Dubai?” We will also discuss some things that you need to know when drinking in Dubai and the dress code in Dubai.

Can you drink in Dubai?

Yes, you can drink in Dubai if you are a tourist in approved venues that have the proper alcohol licenses such as resorts, hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs. You should however note that it is not legal to drink or be under the influence of alcohol when in public.

Dubai is known to be very strict when it comes to public drunkenness which includes the beach and you can be charged heavily for this. Dubai also has zero tolerance for drunk driving and your blood alcohol limit should be 0.00.

Dubai is the center of tourism in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and because of this and also due to the large population of expatriates residing there, drinking is allowed for the Non-Muslims.

It should however be noted that Dubai is a Muslim city and as such stricltly follows the Sharia law which is the religious law that is guided by the Islamic tradition. As much as Dubai does not restrict alcohol consumption by the Non-muslims, it does have strict guidelines on alcohol consumption.

What are the things I should know about drinking in Dubai?

You require a license in order to purchase alcohol

To be able to buy alcohol from the stores, tourists and residents alike are required to obtain a license. However, this can also be avoided by visitors buying alcohol Duty free while at the airport and then taking it back to the hotel.

If you would like to obtain a license, you are required by Law to be at least 21 years of age,be a non-Muslim and you should be earning over 3,000 AED in a month ($ 800)

The Police are always on the lookout

When touring in Dubai, you might be tempted to pop open a beer in pun=blic due to the absence of police but be warned that police have a tendency of blending in while dressed as civilians.

When caught drunk in public, you can be sentenced to 6 months in jail as well as hefty fines so it’s totally not worth it.

Be cautious about what you post on your Social media handles

No matter how great your cocktail might be, it is advised that you avoid as much as possible posting any alcohol-related posts. And if you cannot avoid it, try to be vague and do not mention alcohol or drinking in your posts. 

Limit yourself to posting the amazing views and sights in your posts as any alcohol related posts could potentially land you in trouble.

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Is there a dress code in Dubai?

Becuase the national religion of the United Arab Emirates is Islam, visitors are encouraged to dress modestly. This is expected when visiting public places such as malls and religious places such as mosques. Some important tips to note are:

  • Wear clothing that does not expose parts of the boy indecently or clothing that contains offensive images and slogans.
  • Note that any form of nudity is not permitted such as topless sunbathing.
  • Swimwear such as bikinis is permitted when at the beach, water parks and other swimming facilities but not allowed in public places.
  • Both men and female visitors are encouraged to wear clothes that cover the arms, shoulders and legs.


In this brief blog, we have answered the query,”Can you drink in Dubai?” We have also discussed some things that you need to know when drinking in Dubai and the dress code in Dubai.


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