Can squirrels eat dog food?

Do you have a squirrel buddy in your backyard and you are wondering “can squirrels eat dog food?”. In this article we will also discuss whether dog food is good for squirrels, can squirrels eat wet dog food, what you can feed squirrels other than dog food.

Can squirrels eat dog food?

Yes, squirrels can eat dog food. Squirrels are herbivores and they eat whatever they find. They can eat dog food but it is not nutritious for them. It is better for your squirrel buddy to eat their specific diet so that it can have its daily nutrition.

Mostly squirrels eat vegetables, corn, nuts, flowers, pollen, insects and acaroms etc. There is an intestinal fact about squirrels that is they eat differently in every season. They hasb different diets in both summer and winter. 

During summer, there is more availability of food as there is more fruits and vegetables and hence they eat selectively and only those things that they like. But if we talk about winter, there is so little food available and they have no choice but to eat what’s present. Therefore, they eat insects, snakes and other weird things.

Is dog food good for squirrels ?

Dog food is not toxic for squirrels and if there is nothing to eat for them, they can have dog food. The dog food will provide them with basic nutrition that will help them survive.

In the wild, squirrels usually eat fruits, vegetables and nuts too and that’s why it is best to feed them these things.  If you have a pet squirrel and a dog too, make sure that your squirrel does not get its hold on your dog’s food. 

Dog food has the following things that can benefit your squirrel when they have both to eat:

  • Fats 
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals 
  • Proteins 
  • Water 

These things are perfect for dogs. Squirrels are omnivores and therefore they eat both vegetables and protein leftovers. Dog food is highly processed and the usual diet of squirrels is fresh fruits and vegetables. That might be a reason why squirrels should not eat dog food.

Can squirrels eat wet dog food?

No, squirrels should not eat wet dogs as the wet food is mainly composed of meat and squirrels should not eat it. There is no doubt that canned food or wet food is highly nutritious for dogs but it is not good for squirrels. 

Also squirrels have the habit of burying their food to use it in winters. And if they bury wet food, it will grow mold and that mold can cost them their life. 

How to prevent squirrels from eating dog food?

  • It is best that you feed your dog inside your house so that the dog food leftovers can not be picked up by squirrels. The crumbs of dog food might attract rodents to your house. So it is better that you feed your dog inside your house.
  • If the squirrels are attracted to the compound where you keep your dog’s food, you can use cayenne pepper or chili powder to repel squirrels. It won’t hurt or kill the squirrels. It will only repel them because squirrels don’t tolerate any unpleasant smell or odor. 
  • Make sure that your dog does not eat it too because it can lead to an upset stomach.Pepper, garlic and live peppermint can also be used to repel the squirrels. 
  • The sprinkling of cinnamon has also seemed to prevent squirrels from entering the house. They hate its smell. If the squirrel comes to your dog’s food bowl, you can change the place of the bowl and you can also put the bowl inside once your dog has eaten its meal.
  • Keep the squirrel food in your house and feed them. So that squirrels don’t eat dog food. Also if you don’t have squirrel food, that’s fine too. You can feed kitchen scrap like fruits or vegetables. You can give them small pieces of apples, bananas or watermelon.
  • Vegetables like spinach, carrots, broccoli and even tomatoes are good for squirrels and they like it too. 

What can you feed to squirrels other than dog food?

Following are some if the fruits and vegetables that squirrels live to eat and it is beneficial for them:

  • Watermelon
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cherries
  • Carrots
  • Spinach 
  • Bananas
  • Apple

Are squirrels bad for my pets?

Squirrels usually don’t hurt animals as they don’t orey but if they feel threatened they can attack your pet with sharp teeth. Also they are the carrier of fungi, mold and other ectoparasites. So it is better to keep the wild squirrels away from your domesticated pets.


Squirrels can eat dog food and enjoy this but it is better for them to eat what their original diet is. In this article we discussed “can squirrels eat dog food?”. In this article we also discussed whether dog food is good for squirrels, can squirrels eat wet dog food, what you can feed squirrels other than dog food.