Can squirrels eat cat food?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “can squirrels eat cat food?” We will also talk about whether squirrels can eat wet cat food, which ingredients of cat food are good for squirrels, and the nutritional benefits of cat food for squirrels.

Can squirrels eat cat food?

Yes, squirrels can eat cat food. Given that they have sharp incisors that enable them to consume nuts and other meals, squirrels particularly enjoy almost any kind of kibble. Although there are no vegetables in the cat food, squirrels adore dry cat food. 

Just because they are able to eat cat food doesn’t necessarily mean they can benefit from eating cat food. You can feed the squirrels with a feeder up in a tree if you want them to stop devouring cat food.

If they have access to seeds, nuts, and other foods, most squirrels won’t bother consuming protein cat food. They are omnivores who will consume anything they can get their hands on. These scavengers will consume any pet food available, including unhealthful options like a dog or ferret chow.

Can squirrels eat wet cat food?

Yes, they can eat wet food, but only on rare occasions. They prefer eating solid dry cat food, although they may eat wet food if they have no other options. Taurine, which is present in animal meat, is found in wet cat food.

For your cat, this meal is a fantastic source of protein, but not for backyard squirrels.

Making sure the squirrel feeder is stocked with food is the best approach to prevent backyard wildlife from stealing cat food if you wish to safeguard them.

They probably won’t eat pet food if they can find other meals.

Which ingredients of cat food are good for squirrels?

All cat foods will contain a variety of ingredients, but some of the most common ones you’ll see listed on the label are:

  • Meal made of chicken, duck, or turkey (primary sources of protein)
  • By-products
  • bean protein
  • Taurine
  • Eggs
  • The gluten from cornmeal or wheat

Because they are unable to digest cellulose, squirrels must eat a diet high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Since all species of squirrels are predominantly herbivores, nuts are the best source of protein for them.

It’s amusing to see that cats aren’t the only animals who enjoy eating cat food. You’ll discover that animals like eating it too, including birds. Additionally, squirrels frequently get caught stealing food from cats.

Can cat food be dangerous for squirrels?

Yes, cat food can be dangerous for squirrels if it contains cellulose. Squirrels are unable to process cellulose. Pet foods that are canned and processed dry foods both contain a variety of low-cost plant fibres. 

These include beet pulp, buckwheat, oat, flaxseed, fruit pectin, and other grain hulls.

The cellulose aids in the management of diabetes, hairballs, and weight problems in cats. This benefits cats, but it could be harmful to the squirrels in your backyard.

Are there any nutritional benefits of cat foods for squirrels?

According to the type of cat food you feed your cat, squirrels may benefit from the fat, vitamins, and proteins that cat food offers.

However, cat food is not a balanced diet to provide to a squirrel, so you shouldn’t rely on cat food for this purpose if you’re attempting to care for one and keep it healthy, especially if the squirrel is young.

The nutritional requirements of squirrels should be taken into consideration, especially during the winter when they may struggle to locate enough suitable food and are more prone to turn to undesirable alternatives in order to survive.

Even though cat food will temporarily keep a squirrel alive if it is extremely hungry, it won’t offer a balanced diet over time. Squirrels are far better off eating nuts and fruit. If you’re going to feed squirrels, make sure you provide them with these as well.

Can baby squirrels eat cat food?

Squirrel pups require a particularly balanced diet for at least six weeks before they can be weaned. You can start feeding solid foods to a six-week-old baby squirrel. 

It’s best to give them squirrel bricks because they won’t be able to chew food very well otherwise. Squirrels shouldn’t be fed cat food until they are at least 10 to 12 weeks old. 

Moreover, it is important to make sure you feed the right kind of cat food to your pet if you decide to feed them. It is always best to talk to your vet, before adding something new to your squirrel’s diet.


We answered the question, “can squirrels eat cat food?” We also talked about whether squirrels can eat wet cat food, which ingredients of cat food are good for squirrels, and the nutritional benefits of cat food for squirrels.