Can pigs eat banana peels?

In this article we are going to answer: can pigs eat banana peels, what are pigs, what pigs eat, what pigs can’t eat, what is the risk of having pigs as pets, and whether can pigs be pets. 

Can pigs eat banana peels?

Yes, pigs can eat bananas and banana peels but they need to be supervised because banana peels are choking hazards for pigs. When feeding pigs bananas with peels they must be fresh, ripe, and ready to consume.

Pigs can develop a certain preference for food so some pigs might not eat banana peels. 

What are pigs?

Domesticated pigs are usually known as swine or hogs and are part of the genus Sus. They are omnivorous mammals that can weigh up to 350 kilograms when adults. The size and weight of pigs depend on the species. 

Pigs are very commonly used as livestock for the production of meat known as pork. Common subproducts of pigs include sausages, bacon, gammon, ham, pork rinds, and pork meat. 

Miniature pigs are commonly kept as pets. The most common breed of pigs that are kept as pets is the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. 

Back in time, pigs were considered a subspecies of wild boar but now a day they are considered subspecies. Domesticated pigs usually live in groups of 8 or 10. 

They are very commonly related to mud because they submerge themselves under the mud as a way to protect from the heat and to keep parasites away.

Pigs can feed themselves for hours and then sleep for long periods. Their main source of food are plants, leaves, roots, fruits, and flowers.

What do pigs eat?

Pigs are not picky eaters and are commonly known for being opportunistic eaters meaning they can eat almost anything. Some food that pigs love and are super healthy for them include

  • Broccoli: is best if cooked.
  • Dark green lettuce: try to avoid lettuce with high content of water
  • Beets
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Peaches without the seed (choking hazard)
  • Cherries without the seed (choking hazard)
  • Apricots without the seed (choking hazard)
  • Squash
  • Pumpkins
  • Yams
  • Zucchini
  • Kale
  • Tomates
  • Cucumbers
  • Spinach
  • Apple
  • Carrots

What pigs can’t eat?

Pigs are omnivorous and even if their digestive tract is designed to process meat they should not be given any type of meat because there is a high chance that they contract illness or parasites and pass them to humans. 

Pigs are one of the major sources of causing outbreaks of diseases that can be very dangerous for humans. Some food apart from meat that should strictly not be given to pigs include

  • Bakery waste
  • Food scraps
  • Waste from restaurants
  • Untreated use of oils or fats

What is the risk of having pigs as pets? 

Pigs have a high risk of transmitting the disease to humans but do not pose any higher risk than other livestock. Pigs can carry ringworms or bacteria that can pose a serious health risk for humans. 

Pigs can specifically transmit zoonotic diseases. When pigs eat meat, they are more prone to get sick and transmit infectious diseases to humans. Some outbreaks that have happened because of pigs include

Swine Influenza

In pigs, swine influenza can be inoffensive but for humans, it can be lethal. 

Foot-and-mouth disease

This virus causes fever, rash, appetite loss, sore throat, general discomfort, and red hives in the palms, throats, and soles. It is very discomforting for babies and toddlers. 

Can pigs be pets?

Miniature pigs or mini pigs include about 14 species of breed of small pigs that are commonly used as pets around the world. Some species include the Vietnamese-pot-bellied pig, purebred pot-bellied pig, Juliana’s, Kune Kunes, and other species. 

You should know that some mini pigs can grow up to 150-200 pounds and measure up to 20 inches in height. They can live an average of 18 years and are very noisy animals that can bark, squeal, grunt and scream to let you know they need something. 

Mini pigs are not supposed to live with dogs because they can cause a predator response in dogs. They can be trained to well behave but they are still animals and can cause damage to your house when left alone. 

For more information follow this link for how to take care of my mini pig. 


In this article we are going to answer whether can pigs eat banana peels, what are pigs, what pigs eat, what pigs can’t eat, what is the risk of having pigs as pets, and whether can pigs be pets. 


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