Can I eat after using crest white strips?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Can I eat after using crest white strips?” and show you eating tips for when you use them.

Can I eat after using crest white strips?

Yes, you can eat after using crest white strips although the food options are limited. Foods with more colour should be avoided. Let’s examine this in greater detail:

What you can NOT eat after using crest white strips:

It is advised to stay away from any dark-coloured meals and beverages when using Crest White Strips. Look at some of these things:

Soft drinks

Avoiding soft beverages, especially those with a darker colour, an orange or grape flavour, is recommended after using Crest White Strips on the teeth. The acid in this drink damages the enamel of the teeth in addition to the drink’s excessive colour concentration.

Whole grape juice

Grape juice seriously damages teeth’s ability to retain colour. This beverage discolours teeth and develops stains because of the potent purple pigment.

Red wine

Wine should also be avoided after applying crest white strips on your teeth, just like grape juice. The high acidity index of the beverage is another detrimental element in addition to problems with the colour of the beverage.


That seemingly unimportant piece of chocolate can impair your smile after you use crest white strips on your teeth. It is advised to consume less chocolate because of its unfavourable effects on teeth due to its dark brown colour.

Tea and coffee

Coffee and darker drinks shouldn’t be consumed with a whiter smile. These drinks not only change the natural colour of the teeth and harm the enamel, but they also produce stains that significantly reduce the effectiveness of whitening over time. 

Avoid drinking mate tea, black tea, yellow fruit tea, hibiscus tea, or tea with red fruits.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is yet another foe of teeth whitening. Even though this ingredient is frequently used in many recipes, particularly in oriental cuisine, it should either be avoided or used sparingly.

Both ketchup and tomato sauce

You need to be particularly cautious when consuming tomatoes, either in their natural form or in sauces, after applying crest white strips on your teeth. Because tomatoes contain a lot of dye, they can stain teeth and affect their colour.

Açaí, blueberries, and beets

These foods, like grapes, have a strong purple colour that damages teeth’s brightness and increases the likelihood of stains.

Cookies and sweets

The enamel structure deteriorates and raises the chance of developing different oral disorders, including caries, when sweets, cookies, and other treats high in sugar or refined carbohydrates are consumed.

Acid fruits

Acidic fruits like pineapple, orange, lemon, passion fruit, strawberry, etc. pose a serious risk to your dental health because the acid in them weakens your enamel and raises your risk of sensitivity and mouth disorders. 

Some of the above-mentioned food appear to be harmless, but they can have another trait that is damaging to teeth that are being whitened. 

With soft drinks, it is as follows: The acidity of the drink can damage the smile, which may already be sensitive after the treatment, making it even more so, as well as leaving stains on the teeth.

What you are allowed to eat after using crest white strips:

All other things are free! It’s crucial to pay attention to a food’s primary qualities; anything that is lemony, extremely sweet, or coloured (like red and purple fruits) may not be a smart choice.

However, the crest white strips procedure allows you to resume your regular activities. Our advice is to make some substitutes and avoid interfering too much with daily activities like eating.

If you must drink wine, go with white or rosé. Red wine stains teeth the most of any alcoholic beverage due to its high pigment content.

Another recommendation is made for those who enjoy good coffee: Choose occasions where you can plan to brush your teeth right after, or always keep a bottle of water handy for a quick rinse. If you enjoy it, choose coffee with milk because it has less colour.

What are white crest stripes?

Teeth-whitening strips called Crest Whites are available. Hydrogen peroxide, often known as hydrogen peroxide in commerce, is present in the cassettes. However, a higher dosage of this chemical is employed during the standard process carried out in the dental office. 

In general, the more “immediate” procedure is advised in circumstances when smoking or certain foods were to blame for the teeth’s whitening or darkening. 

Despite being a less invasive procedure than, say, laser, it can nevertheless wear down tooth enamel and create discomfort if used regularly. One drawback of utilizing whitening tapes is that they only work on the front teeth, leaving the remainder unbleached. 

When compared to other dental whitening procedures, the impact lasts for less. Additionally, this technique does not affect restorations or dentures.


In this short article, we have answered the question “Can I eat after using crest white strips?” and have shown you eating tips for when you use them.