Can hawks eat cats?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “can hawks eat cats?” We will also discuss how often hawks attack cats and how can you protect your cats from hawks.

Can hawks eat cats?

Yes. A hawk could very well attack and possibly consume a cat. The internet is flooded with videos showing hawks hunting cats. Hawk attacks on cats are uncommon, therefore this does not imply that they occur regularly.

Hawks may have particular prey, but they are opportunists like all raptors and other predators. Even though cats might not be their preferred prey, there’s no reason to reject them as occasional food if needed because feeding is unpredictable in the wild.

It depends on size, hunger, and opportunity because hawks and cats are all different sizes.

How often do hawks attack cats?

While there are many threats to cats and dogs in your yards from wildlife, such as bears, wolves, or pumas, there are also aerial threats. If they feel threatened or are starving, large hawks are more than capable of attacking cats and small dogs.

There are a number of huge hawks that are willing to attack our pets and occasionally do so. Thankfully, it isn’t at all prevalent, and with a little common sense and comprehension, it may be even less common.

For a variety of reasons, the majority of hawks, including the smaller ones, can still attack your cats, dogs, and you. Although millions of hawks are kept as pets all over the world, assaults are still the rarity rather than the rule. It truly is a once-in-a-million opportunity, but of course, your geographic location is always important.

How can I protect my cat from a hawk?

Keeping your cat inside is one of the safest options if you are aware of raptors in your region, primarily if you have heard of pets being attacked. If you want your cat to stay outside cat, there are things you can do.

Supervise your cat

You should sit outside and keep an eye on your cat if she is young, little, or elderly. The majority of hawks wouldn’t try to catch a bigger cat. Keep an eye on your cat as long as she weighs no more than 5 pounds. 

The hawk will be far less inclined to pursue your cat if it can see you from the air. So, make sure you’re not seated next to a tree or umbrella.

Only feed your cat inside

Only feed your cat inside, as an unfed cat is less likely to be aware when a hawk is pursuing it. Hawks are quick and entirely silent while hunting. Even if our cats are more alert than most, they might not realize a hawk is attacking until it’s too late. 

Additionally, placing food in your yard will draw other animals, which might draw hawks to your yard. In essence, a hawk may use your backyard as a hunting area.


Hawks are more likely to attack in the early morning and late afternoon, however, they hunt all throughout the day. Additionally, when food is scarcer in the winter, they are considerably more ferocious hunters. 

There shouldn’t be any problems with hawks if you only allow your cat out at night. Going outside at night is not a good time for your cat, either, if coyotes are an issue in your area.

Light Repellents

A hawk will be confused and discouraged from hunting in your backyard if you scatter reflective objects there. To stop birds from crashing into the glass of your windows, you can use reflective tape on the your yard or even some old CDs around your garden.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Smaller animals, including snakes, may settle in your yard if there is trash and garbage there. Similar to feeding your cat outside, this waste may turn into a hawk’s hunting ground. Your cat should be a lot safer if you don’t create a shelter for wildlife that will inevitably attract a hawk.


You may construct a cat enclosure with tunnels connecting it to a window. Additionally, “catios” that are affixed to your home are available. This will protect your backyard birds from your cat and let your cat enjoy the outdoors without worrying about predators.

Avoid using low bird feeders.

Remove any low feeders and stay away from feeding birds on the ground if you feed birds in your yard. Hawks are more likely to be interested in birds that hunt for food on the ground.


We answered the question, “can hawks eat cats?” We also discussed how often hawks attack cats and how can you protect your cats from hawks.


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