Can hamsters eat dog food?

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “Can hamsters eat dog food?” We will also talk about the differences in the natural diets of dogs and hamsters and whether hamsters can have dog treats. 

Can hamsters eat dog food?

No, hamsters cannot eat dog food. Given that their natural diets differ, the main justification for not feeding your hamster dog food is that they do. Although dogs and humans are both omnivores capable of eating both plants and animals, dogs lean far more toward carnivory. 

They are only omnivores now because they coexist with people. Vegetables and grains only make up a small portion of a dog’s diet, which can contain up to two thirds of animal proteins and meats. 

The hamster, on the other hand, will eat almost no animal proteins and will gladly eat Timothy hay, grass, vegetables, and other grains for the majority of its life.

What components of dog food are not good for hamsters?

There is a huge difference in protein, fat and fiber requirements of dogs and hamsters. Generally speaking, dog food has a little higher protein level than hamster food. Brands with 20% or more protein include Hill’s Science Diet Adult Large Breed Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food. 

On the other hand, Hamster food, such as Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend Gerbil & Hamster Food, only makes up a minor portion of the hamster’s diet and only has about 15% protein.

The dog food has a far larger fat level than the hamster food, as can be seen by looking more closely at the two brands we previously mentioned. In hamsters, this increased fat content can cause obesity and cardiac problems. 

It is better to steer clear of foods with high fat contents and stick to Timothy hay, grasses, and vegetables because becoming overweight will shorten your hamster’s lifespan.

Dog food has far less fiber than hamster food, which is another distinction between the two kinds mentioned above. Insufficient fiber can cause constipation in hamsters, who need a lot of it in their diet.

Can hamsters have dog treats?

Yes, they can. Dog treats are intended to be just that: treats. That implies that they should only be used occasionally and in tiny doses. This is due to the fact that, despite being tasty, they are generally made of grains and small amounts of soy protein, which are not the healthiest ingredients for a dog.

Since they closely resemble a hamster’s diet, they are therefore harmless to hamsters and what a healthy diet for a hamster might consist of.

The dog treats you offer your hamster also make a difference. For instance, milkbones are a fantastic option for your hamster’s occasional snacks.

Moreover, they are excellent for wearing down the hamster’s teeth because of how hard they are. A hamster, however, would need days to consume just one of these delicacies. Don’t feed them frequently because the box will last you a long time and can accommodate multiple hamsters at once.

Do not substitute dog treats for the hamster’s regular food. However, they can be used as a temporary addition.

Is dog food toxic to hamsters?

No, dog food is not toxic to hamsters but it definitely is considered unsuitable. It’s unlikely that your hamster will become sick if it eats some dog chow. If we are simply talking about a small amount of dog food, there is nothing in it that may be hazardous or damaging. 

However, since dog food is too heavy in protein and fat and does not give hamsters all the nutrients they require, it is inappropriate for them and should not be fed on a daily basis.

Can hamsters eat wet dog food?

Yes, hamsters can consume wet dog food, but if given too frequently, it won’t be beneficial for them. Wet dog food is not poisonous to hamsters, but because it contains more protein and fat than hamsters need in their diet, it cannot be used as a daily source of energy.

You can periodically feed your hamster some wet dog food if you’d like. Simply keep in mind that as hamsters are little animals, the serving size should be maintained to a minimum.

For a little hamster, even small portions of dog food contain a lot of animal protein and fat, which could lead to weight- and kidney-related problems.

Can hamsters eat meat?

The idea that hamsters are strict vegetarians is a prevalent one. Hamsters actually require animal protein to survive. Meat is a nutritious food for hamsters and a rich source of protein. You might give your hamster live or dried crickets or mealworms because hamsters in the wild eat insects. 

Hamsters can also eat some prepared foods if handling insects makes you queasy. Hamsters can be fed cooked steak and chicken without any problems. Never feed raw meat to hamsters, and while cooking meat, leave off any seasonings.


We answered the question “Can hamsters eat dog food?” We also talked about the differences in the natural diets of dogs and hamsters and whether hamsters can have dog treats.

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