In this brief article we will answer the question: can ducks eat nuts? We will also explore what foods can be fed to ducks, and why ducks aren’t fed nuts.

Can ducks eat nuts?

Ducks can eat nuts but only if they are grounded into fine flour. Some of the nuts that ducks can eat include cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts. They are healthy for ducks as long as they do not contain salt. 

What other foods can be fed to ducks?

Ducks can be fed on:

  • Cat food
  • Chicken food
  • Dry dog food
  • Fish food
  • Hamster food
  • Hay
  • Hemp seeds and small seeds
  • Rabbit food
  • Grounded nuts. 

Cat food.

Cat food is rich in proteins. When eaten in excess ducks can develop a condition known as angel wings. Some great cat food can be found here. 

Chicken food. 

It is available in feed stores. Ducks and chickens have similar digestive systems making chicken food more palatable to ducks. It should be fed dry to avoid contamination by microbes such as mold. You can source chicken feed from here

Dry dog food. 

It is highly rich in proteins and fiber. The ducks should be fed small amounts of the same. You can source dog food from here.

Fish food. 

Fish food is made of small pellets that can easily be ground. This should be in small amounts after which the pool is cleaned to prevent the development of algal blooms. You can buy it from here

Hamster food. 

The hamsters’ food is rich in vegetables and insects. Hamster food provides essential nutrients. You can buy some here


This is dried grass. Ducks love to forage sometimes. Hay provides ample fiber and crude protein. You can buy fresh bales from here

Hemp and other small seeds. 

Seeds are crunchy and highly nutritious. The seeds must be small in size to avoid choking the ducks. 

Rabbit food. 

Rabbits are kept commercially and as pets. They have distinct digestive systems that squeeze extreme nutrients out of the food. Therefore the feeds are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals which may prove beneficial to ducks. You can buy some here. 

Grounded nuts. 

Nuts are a good source of proteins and fats. When whole nuts are large and can cause choking in ducks and eventual death. The nuts are grounded to form small pieces of flour that are easily palatable by the ducks. You can buy grounded nuts from here. 

Why are ducks not fed nuts?

Ducks do eat nuts if only they are grounded. Whole nuts pose a risk of choking for the ducks and can lead to death. Most nuts contain large amounts of proteins which may lead the ducks to a condition known as angel wings. 


In this brief article we have answered the question: can ducks eat nuts? We have also explored what foods can be fed to ducks, and why ducks aren’t fed nuts.


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