Can dogs eat with hands?

This article will go through some interesting facts like “Can dogs eat with hands?”. We will also tell you about the benefits of feeding your dog with hands and how to feed your dog with hands.

Can dogs eat with hands?

Yes, dogs like to eat from their human hand. It is a good thing. It is an excellent way to teach and build a stronger bond with them. Your dog will start to focus on you more than before. 

Feeding your dog with your hands is an excellent way to make your dog trust you if your dog is fearful and shy. It also improves their confidence. When a dog first comes to your house, it is a new place for your dog and a strange one too. 

To make it comfortable and gain its trust, you must spend more time with your dog, and hand feeding is one of the best methods. This way, your dog pays more attention to you too.

What are the benefits of feeding your dog with your hands?

Following are some of the advantages of feeding your dog with your hands. We will discuss them one by one.

Build a relationship:

When you feed your dog with your hands, your dog perceives it as a good gesture, and he sees that something good is approaching him. This way, your dog builds a bond with you that connects you with it.

Prevents resource guarding:

It is behavior that your dog develops, and it becomes defensive to keep yourself away from a specific item or thing. It could be anything like their toy, food, towel, favorite spot, etc. Feeding your dog with your hands helps prevent resource guarding in dogs—this way, your dog allows you to get in its space and feel ok with it. 

Shy dogs:

Hand feeding is suitable for dogs who become nervous around people or who fear social interactions. Start the process when your dog is in its comfort zone and happy. Don’t try to speed up the process to get quick results. You might end up fearing your dog more.

 Once your dog becomes comfortable with your hand feeding it, it will start to have social interactions. It will be more friendly with the neighbors, family members, and friends.

Controls the impulse of your dog:

When you’re hand feeding your dog, close your hand and keep it close until your dog backs off, sits quietly, and stops looking for food. Once your dog sits calmly, open your hand and feed your dog again.

This way, your dog will learn that the quicker it calms itself, the faster it gets its food again. 

Prevents fast eating:

If your dog eats hastily or too fast, feeding it with your hand is an excellent method to teach him to eat slowly and calmly. Your dog will learn patience and build a bond with you simultaneously. So it’s a win-win situation!


Feeding your dogs with your hands teaches them manners and behavior. It also helps if your dog tries to bite you. Hand feeding will eradicate that habit. It makes your dog easy, gentle, calm, and well-behaved.

How to feed your dog with your hands?

Hand feeding is how you feed your dog by putting the food in your hands. It depends on you how much you want to hand feed your dog. Some people hand feed their dogs once or twice a day, and some write to feed their dogs only a few times a week. 

The frequency is up to you, but ensure you hand feed your pooch often. This is important to build this habit in your dog, and consistency is the key if you want to train your dog via hand feeding. 

Measure the meal you’re going to feed your dog. Take some of the food in your hand. Make sure that there is no food around that your dog prefers over your hand. Then start feeding your dog. After some time, pause so that your dog learns to be calm. Open your hand again and feed your dog. 

Do not feed your dog again until it sits quietly and stops looking for more food, or it will not learn what you’re trying to teach it. Pull away your hand quickly if your dog tries to push it.

The most important thing is that if your dog doesn’t want to eat food from your own hands, don’t force it. Let him go and try again after some time, most probably when he is hungry. 


This article discussed some interesting facts like “Can dogs eat with hands?”. We also told you about the benefits of feeding your dog with hands and how to feed your dog with hands.


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