Can dogs eat white rice every day?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “can dogs eat white rice every day?” We will also discuss the best time to feed white rice to your dog, how much white rice can dogs eat and how to feed white rice to dogs.

Can dogs eat white rice every day?

Yes, dogs can technically eat white rice every day. Most commercial dog foods also contain rice. Even though dogs can consume white rice every day, it does not mean that they should.

Start off slowly when giving your canine friend any new foods. Naturally, add a teaspoon or a tablespoon of cooked grain to your dog’s usual food dish, depending on its size. 

Your dog can eat cooked rice every day, but keep in mind that there needs to be a balance of the nutrients your companion requires, including calcium, essential fatty acids, protein, fat from meat or oil, and carbohydrates.

Rice is a source of carbohydrates, so while it is a good complement to your dog’s food, you should never offer them too much rice. Because rice is starchy and simple to digest, eating a lot of it daily could put your pet’s health at risk if it s diabetic.

Is white rice better for dogs with stomach issues?

Yes, white rice is better for dogs than brown rice. While the many varieties of rice are similar in several ways, they differ in a few key nutrients. Due to its higher vitamin and fibre content than white rice, the whole grain variety known as brown rice usually wins out in terms of nutritional value. 

However, your dog should get all the nutrients they require from its complete and balanced dog food, so you don’t need to worry about adding extra nutritional value if you’re simply feeding a tiny quantity of rice alongside this food.

White rice cooks more quickly than brown rice, is simpler for dogs to digest, and has been used to alleviate many puppies’ digestive problems. 

Whatever you decide to feed your dog, it’s a good idea to monitor how they react to the rice, especially if you’re adding it to their diet for the first time. Although allergic reactions are uncommon, make sure to seek assistance from your veterinarian if you experience itching or hair loss.

When is the best time to feed white rice to dogs?

White rice is the best meal for dogs who are suffering from stomach issues. They are low in fibre and easy on your dog’s digestive system. Most vets also recommend feeding boiled white rice to your dog for the treatment of stomach issues.

For dogs with an upset stomach, unusual bowel motions, or other digestive problems, a bland diet is sometimes advised. 

Veterinarians advise dog owners to provide their animals with canned or dry food that has been particularly prepared to be more nutrient-dense than the human diet, such as home-cooked rice and boiled chicken. 

How much white rice can dogs eat?

Even if it seems to be alleviating their digestive problems, dogs shouldn’t eat too much rice. To determine how much rice is right for your dog, it’s a good idea to use the 10% guideline. 

The rule states that treats or other meals should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake in addition to their regular dog food. To figure out how much this might cost for your dog, talk to your vet or use an internet calculator.

How to feed white rice to dogs?

Even though white rice can be a healthy ingredient in dog food, it should only be given occasionally because too many extra calories and carbohydrates might induce unhealthful weight gain.

Make sure the rice is thoroughly cooked before giving it to your dog and allow it to cool. Simply steam or boil the rice until it is soft; do not season it with butter, salt, or other ingredients (keep the fried rice for yourself). 

Feed no more than a quarter cup of rice for a large dog and only a tablespoon or two for a smaller dog if you’re giving rice as an extra. Rice is generally used with a modest amount of lean protein, such as plain, shredded chicken, as part of a bland diet for stomach trouble.

Given that it is not a complete and balanced meal, it is advisable to feed little amounts frequently and for just a short time.


We answered the question, “can dogs eat white rice every day?” We also discussed the best time to feed white rice to your dog, how much white rice can dogs eat and how to feed white rice to dogs.


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