Can dogs eat turkey innards?

This dog article will answer the major question, “Can dogs eat turkey innards?” we will also discuss the edible parts of the turkey, the dangerous parts of the turkey for your dog, and how you can give turkey innards to your dog.

Can dogs eat turkey innards?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey innards. Turkey innards are basically the turkey giblets which include the heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs. They are high in protein and vitamins which are beneficial for your dog to consume. You should not feed the dangerous part of turkeys such as skin and bones.

What are the edible parts of the turkey for your dog?

Following are the edible parts of the turkey for your dog:


The heart is an excellent source of protein. The heart is soft and easily digested by the stomach of your dog. It is safe as it does not have any kind of toxins or unhealthy parts in it. You should give a calculated amount of heart meat to your dog as consuming more than that can cause stomach upset in your dog.


The liver is the central metabolic station in the body. The liver is involved in many biochemical processes, which is why it is rich in vitamins such as vitamin B12. 

Vitamin B12 is needed to convert food into energy. It is also needed for the production of red blood cells and for the heart health of your dog. The nervous system also benefits from the vitamin B12 in the body of your dog. 


Kidneys are the major excretory organs in the body. Consuming kidneys can help your dog build stronger muscles and bones. Kidney meat is also high in protein which helps your dog live a healthy and energetic life. 

Protein is also a source of energy for your dog. The extra protein in the body is stored in the body tissues in the form of fat which can give energy when the body is short of energy.


It is very controversial. Some people think that consuming turkey necks is good for your dog, while others will not recommend giving turkey necks to your dog. Turkey necks have bones that can easily be broken down by your dog and will be digested in the stomach of your dog. 

It is healthy to give turkey necks to your dog because it is a source of protein and vitamin B12 for your dog. Consuming too many turkey necks can cause choking and other problems in your dog.

What are the dangerous parts of turkey for your dog?

Following are the dangerous part of turkey which is not healthy for your dog:

Turkey bones

Turkey bones are not healthy for your dog to consume because they can splinter in the mouth and can cause choking, intestinal obstruction, and laceration in the dog.

The first problem is the intestinal obstruction in your dog which can be painful and you will see a distended abdomen of your dog. The distended abdomen is painful when you palpate it. Your dog will not eat anything and will paw at the abdomen. 

If you sus[pect such a condition you should visit your vet. Choking can also be dangerous as it can cause a respiratory collapse in your dog. The intestinal laceration is due to the sharp edges of the bones which will penetrate the intestinal wall and cause peritonitis in your dog.

Turkey skin

The next unhealthy part is the turkey skin. Turkey’s skin is not healthy as it has a high amount of fat content in it. 

The high-fat content can cause stomach upset as your dog is not able to digest such a high amount of fat content. It can also cause pancreatitis in your dog because the pancreas is not able to digest such high-fat content in the intestine. 

How can you serve turkey innards to your dog?

You should serve boiled turkey innards to your dog. Boil turkey innards are free of bacteria and are safe and healthy for your dog. Following is the method of boiling the turkey innards for your dog:

  • Remove the turkey innards from the abdominal cavity of the turkey or if you bought it from the store, you should remove the plastic covering from it.
  • Take a pan and dip the turkey innards in the pan full of water.
  • Boil the turkey innards for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Remove the pan from the stove and let it cool down to the environmental temperature.
  • Serve your dog with turkey innards.


In this dog blog, we answered the major question, “Can dogs eat turkey innards?” we also discussed the edible parts of the turkey, the dangerous parts of the turkey for your dog, and how you can give turkey innards to your dog.


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