Can dogs eat tums?

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “can dogs eat tums?” We will also talk about why tums are used, which dogs can eat tums, And If tums can be given as a calcium supplement to dogs.

Can dogs eat tums?

Yes, you can give tums to your dog in small amounts. Like humans, dogs also suffer from heartburn, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Giving them tums will help to provide temporary relief because it contains calcium carbonate that neutralizes the stomach pH. 

However, you should only give tums to your dog after consulting your vet. Because your dog might be experiencing heartburn due to an underlying health condition and giving them tums unsupervised may exacerbate their condition.

What are tums used for?

Tums is an antacid used by humans and often prescribed by vets to treat an upset stomach in dogs. Tums provide temporary relief from heartburn, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

 This medication contains calcium carbonate which plays a significant role in treating heartburn and other stomach issues by reducing the amount of acid in your dog’s stomach.

However, tums might not be much more effective in dogs compared to humans because dogs have a faster digestive system than humans. This means the medications might also pass too quickly through the digestive system before it gets the chance to produce therapeutic effects.

Can all dogs eat tums?

No, all dogs cannot eat tums. Dogs that are suffering from certain diseases and health conditions should not be given tums. This is because ingestion of tums in such situations can potentially aggravate their condition.

Therefore, you should consult your vet before giving tums to your dog especially if your dog is pregnant, nursing, or suffering from kidney diseases. You also need to talk to your vet if your dog is already taking other medications since tums can have unpredictable effects in presence of other medications.

Can dogs eat tums as a calcium supplement?

No, dogs cannot eat tums as calcium supplements. Tums are safe for dogs if they are eaten in appropriate doses under a veterinarian’s supervision. Frequent consumption of tums in dogs is not advised because repeated exposures can result in unpredictable and serious side effects.

Therefore, you should always consult a vet before feeding tums to dogs.

Can puppies eat tums?

No, puppies cannot eat tums. Puppies are in their growing stage and giving them tums can interfere with the bone and cartilage development in the body due to the presence of excess calcium in tums.

However, every case might be different. Therefore, it would be better to consult your puppy’s condition with a vet so they can advise you best according to the situation.

Do tums contain ingredients that are toxic for dogs?

Yes, some tums contain toxic ingredients. There are different flavors of tums available in the market. Some of the flavors contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is highly toxic for dogs.

Consumption of even small amounts of xylitol can upset your dog’s stomach and cause severe hypoglycemia which can result in serious consequences. Therefore, you should always check the label for xylitol before giving it to dogs.

Can tums trigger allergic reactions in dogs?

Yes, tums can trigger allergic reactions in dogs. Tums contain artificial ingredients and dyes that give tums their bright color. Some dogs might be allergic to such artificial ingredients present in tums.

The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction include skin rashes, hives, excessive licking, itchy eyes, inflamed paws, stomach problems, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

How many tums can I give my dog?

An appropriate dose of tums differs depending upon the weight of your dog, strength of the drug, and severity of the situation. This is why you should ask your vet to recommend a proper dosage according to your dog.

In general, 1250 mg of tums for small dogs, 2-4 grams for medium dogs, 4-6 grams for big dogs, and 6-10 grams for very large dogs over the course of 24 hours are considered safe.

Do vets prescribe tums for reasons other than the upset stomach?

Yes, vets often prescribe tums to dogs for purposes other than upset stomach or heartburn. Some vets prescribe tums to change the phosphorus levels in the dog’s body. This is because tums act as a phosphate binder. 

However, you should avoid using tums for such purposes and always consult an experienced vet because they can guide you best regarding your dog’s condition.


We answered the question “can dogs eat tums? We also talked about if tums contain toxic ingredients, whether they can trigger allergic reactions in dogs and how many tums should be given to dogs?


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