Can dogs eat raw red potatoes?

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “Can dogs eat raw red potatoes?” We will also talk about how potatoes should be fed to dogs and whether raw red potatoes are toxic to dogs.

Can dogs eat raw red potatoes?

No, dogs cannot eat raw red potatoes. Never give your dog red potatoes that are raw as they contain solanine, a substance that can be poisonous to dogs, just like other vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants do. 

The good news is that boiling potatoes lowers their solanine content. As long as the skin of the red potatoes has not gone green, they are a safe treat for dogs. Red potatoes with green skin contain solanine, which could make your dog ill.

Can dogs eat potato skin?

No, dogs cannot eat potato skin. Oxalates are a plant-based acid found in potato skins that, when consumed in large quantities, can be dangerous. Additionally, the skins are a little difficult to chew and digest. You shouldn’t give them to your dog for these reasons.

If you’re giving your dog potatoes, be careful to remove the skin first because it can be challenging for dogs to digest potato peels and can result in an upset stomach.

Before giving your dog potatoes or any other meal that has been prepared for us humans to enjoy, always consult your veterinarian if you are unsure.

How can I feed potatoes to dogs?

Potatoes are best served boiled, steamed, or baked without any seasonings if you choose to feed them to your dog. Your canine friend shouldn’t consume potatoes that have been fried in oil or that have been seasoned with salt, butter, or cheese. 

They can be combined with a scoop of plain Greek yoghurt or other cooked vegetables that are safe for dogs, like sweet peas and carrots. Before serving potatoes to your pet, inspect the skin. A green hue indicates the presence of solanine. 

It is advised to stay away from potatoes with green skin and always remove the peel before feeding them to your dog because cooking such potatoes won’t completely destroy the solanine.

Can I give sweet potatoes to my dog?

Yes, dogs can eat sweet potatoes, provided they are prepared and the skin is removed because your dog may find it difficult to digest the peel. Even though this root vegetable is high in fibre and contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, it’s better to only give your dog a small amount with meals or as a special treat occasionally.

The majority of their diet should always consist of foods made especially for dogs and balanced with the proper nutrients for their systems. Sweet potatoes, for example, are not normally required and, if provided in high quantities, may have long-term negative health effects. 

Are potatoes harmful to dog health?

Potatoes may be poisonous to dogs due to the solanine they contain. That’s doubtful, though, as your dog would have to consume a lot of solanine to become toxic. Your dog may experience nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting if they consume a raw red potato that contains the greatest quantities of solanine.

Stomach trouble, breathing difficulties, and heart problems can all result from solanine toxicity. The chaconine found in raw potatoes and their skins is poisonous and can impair kidney function in addition to irritating the digestive tract and causing tremors in the nervous system. 

Even if there are no symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian or go to the nearest veterinary hospital if you believe your dog has eaten green potatoes, skins, or foliage.

What steps should be taken if my dog ate a lot of raw red potatoes?

Consult a veterinarian immediately. Your dog’s food will need to be reported, along with how much and when it was consumed, to your veterinarian. The signs you have seen, your dog’s medical history, and any diseases or injuries should all be shared with the vet. 

Temperature, height, weight, pulse, reflexes, blood pressure, and breathing rate will all be measured as part of a thorough physical examination.

A complete blood count, chemical panel, blood gas, glucose level, urinalysis, kidney and liver function tests, as well as a chest x-ray, will all be required of them. If necessary, your dog’s heart rate may also be monitored using an electrocardiogram (ECG).

How is potato poisoning treated in dogs?

Giving your dog apomorphine to induce vomiting and activated charcoal to remove any toxicity that could still be present in the stomach are possible treatments for your dog. The veterinarian will administer oxygen treatment and IV fluids. 

He may perform a gastric lavage if they believe your dog still has toxins in his system. To support your dog’s neurological system, medication like physostigmine or pilocarpine may be given; stomach protectants and laxatives may also be employed.


We answered the question “Can dogs eat raw red potatoes?” We also talked about how potatoes should be fed to dogs and whether raw red potatoes are toxic to dogs.