Can dogs eat raisin bread?

Have your pooch set its pooch on one of your raisin bread and you’re here asking us, “can dogs eat raisin bread?”. We will also have a discussion on why raisins are toxic for dogs, what are the symptoms of raisin toxicity in dogs and how many raisins can cause toxicity in your dog. 

Can dogs eat raisin bread?

No, dogs cannot eat raisin bread. Raisin bread is a big no-no option for dogs. It is certainly not healthy for dogs. In addition, it causes raisin toxicity in dogs. There is no debate anymore on the topic that raisin bread smells so good and your pooch cannot resist it, but it is not for dogs.

Raisin bread can cause severe toxicity in your fluffy, leading to kidney failure if not treated correctly. So it is necessary that you know all this information before anything happens.

Even a tiny amount of raisin bread can cause compilations and kidney failure. In the initial stages, it is only some gastrointestinal upset, but with time, it damages the kidneys of your dog. So, without any further equivocation, we can say that raisin bread is absolutely not safe for your dog.

Why are raisins toxic for dogs?

Any form of grape dries, cooked or raw, should not be given to your dog as they all belong to the same family that can hurt your dog real bad. Any type of food containing any amount of raisins, sultanas, or grapes should be kept many miles away every day as they have very negative consequences. 

There is no exact mechanism of action known until now on how raisins cause toxicity in dogs. Also, there is no safe amount of raisins recommended to give to your dog.

If you saw that your pup took his paws on raisin bread, that’s the time you need to take immediate action. Raisins, grapes, and sultanas have tartaric acid in them that causes toxicity in dogs. 

Can dogs eat grapes?

No, absolutely not! Dogs cannot eat grapes. Grapes are rich in potassium bitartrate and tartaric acid, and dogs are sensitive to these agents. That’s why giving your dog grapes is never a good idea. It is the same reason that your dog should not eat raisins too.

What are the signs of raisin toxicity in dogs?

Raisin toxicity usually appears 24-48 hours after eating raisins or grapes. Following are the early signs of raisin toxicity in dogs:

  • Vomiting
  • Drooling 
  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia 
  • Abdominal discomfort.

But there is a bigger picture of raisin toxicity in dogs that cause renal failure. This happens after a few days of eating raisins. Here are the symptoms that your fluffy has renal failure:

  • Anorexia 
  • Weakness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Seizures (severe case)
  • No urination or less urination 
  • Polydipsia
  • Polyuria

Renal failure is an emergency condition, and you need to bring your dog to the vet clinic without losing a moment. 

How many raisins can cause toxicity in dogs?

0.1 kg of raisins and one-ounce grapes per kg of your dog’s body weight is enough to create health hazards for your friend. Also, there is still some research going on to know the safe amount of grapes or raisins you can give to your dog, but it is still unknown.

So it is  to keep your dog away from grapes and raisins to keep them safe. This concludes that 3 grapes are more than enough to kill your small breed dog (weight: 2.5 lbs). 

Dogs love to eat new fruits and things, but most of the time, they don’t know if it is safe for them or not, so it is better not to give them any of these.

Can a dog live after eating raisins?

It all depends on the amount of raisin the dog has eaten. It is not the bread or the sugar present in the bread that creates a problem for your pooch. It is the tartaric acid present in raisins. 

If your doggo has eaten a tiny amount of raisin and you have taken him to the vet immediately, pray that your dog’s kidneys are still working. If the kidney functioning is normal and the dog is in medical care, there are greater chances of its survival.

So the final thought on the question about dogs eating raisins is that your dog can not eat raisins—it is for their own safety to prevent them from ingesting grapes, raisins, and sultanas.


We hope that today you learned things about “can dogs eat raisin bread?”. We also had a discussion on why raisins are toxic for dogs, what are the symptoms of raisin toxicity in dogs and how many raisins can cause toxicity in your dog. 


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