Can dogs eat pizza rolls?

This dog blog will answer the most important question, “Can dogs eat pizza rolls?” We will also cover the unhealthy ingredients of the pizza rolls, how many pizza rolls are safe for your dog, and what you can do if your dog consumes too many pizza rolls. 

Can dogs eat pizza rolls?

No, dogs cannot eat pizza rolls. Pizza rolls are high in sodium, seasonings, fats, and calories which are unhealthy for your dog. If your dog consumes a small amount of pizza roll then he will probably be safe but consuming too much can cause problems for your dog. 

What ingredients in the pizza rolls are dangerous for your dog? 

Following are the ingredients that are dangerous for your dog in the pizza rolls:

Pizza crust

Pizza crust has no nutritional value and is full of empty calories which only adds to the weight of the body. 

It doesn’t give any benefit to your dog. Moreover, some pizza crust has garlic oil which can be toxic if your dog consumes it. 


Seasonings like garlic and onion are both toxic for your dog. Garlic and onion have thiosulfates, a compound that can cause red blood cell lysis. 

Red blood cells are responsible for tissue oxygenation in the body. Lysis of the red blood cells will cause a drop in the oxygen saturation in the body leading to tissue hypoxia and death of the brain. 


Spices like pepperoni are not good for your dog to consume. Pepperoni is high in protein which can add to the weight gain of the body. 

Your dog becomes sluggish and it further increases the weight of the body leading to complete immobility due to heavy weight and joint problems. 


Cheese is safe if consumed in small amounts. Consuming high amounts of cheese can cause obesity and pancreatitis in your dog. Some dogs are lactose intolerant which means they cannot digest dairy products. 

Pancreatitis is a complex disease and it can be present in acute and chronic forms. 

Acute form exists when your dog consumes too much fatty food at once. This leads to stomach upset and an episode of pancreatitis in your dog. 

When the dog is having an episode of pancreatitis he will take the preying position which is the characteristic posture in this condition. 

Chronic pancreatitis develops when the dog is consuming fatty food daily and it will be even worse because by the time you get to know it will be over for your dog. 

Obesity can put pressure on the joints leading to joint inflammation. 

High salt

Pizza rolls have high salt content which is the major ingredient in the recipe. High salt can remove the water from the body leading to dehydration, a condition that can result in kidney problems and even worse conditions like a hypovolemic shock. 

High salt content also affects blood pressure. The high sodium content can increase the blood pressure leading to a heart attack in worse conditions. 

Tomato sauce

Pizza rolls have tomato sauce. Although a small number of ripe tomatoes are safe for your dog, tomato sauce has garlic and onion which is not good for your dog. 

Moreover, green tomatoes have solanine which is a toxic compound not needed in the diet of your dog. 

Solanine poisoning has the following symptoms in your dog:

  • Incoordination
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Coma


If your dog is continuously consuming pizza rolls he will like the taste of the pizza rolls. He will not eat anything else that is surely dog food. 

It will be a headache for you to feed dog food to your dog. 

How many pizza rolls are safe for your dog? 

If your dog has accidentally consumed a pizza roll, it won’t create problems for your dog. Consuming more than one pizza roll at a time will cause stomach upset in your dog. 

Consuming more than that can cause other problems that can be acute as well as chronic for your dog. 

What can you do for your dog if your dog consumes too many pizza rolls? 

If your dog has consumed too many pizza rolls, it will create a mess for you. Note down how many pizza rolls your dog has consumed and treat your dog according to it. 

Give him plenty of water so that he can flush out the extra salt content from the body. 

After that rush to your vet. The sooner you take your dog to the vet, the better your vet can treat your dog. 


In this brief discussion, we answered our important question, “Can dogs eat pizza rolls?“ We also talked about the unhealthy ingredients of the pizza rolls, how many pizza rolls are safe for your dog, and what you can do if your dog consumes too many pizza rolls. 


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