Can dogs eat pig feet?

We will answer the question “Can dogs eat pig feet?” We will also talk about the nutritional benefits and when it is harmful to dogs to eat pig feet.

Can dogs eat pig feet?

Yes, dogs can eat raw pig feet. There are not any major health concerns and dogs are not at risk of injuries, given that the pig feet are sourced and prepared properly. Pg’s feet can serve as great treats for dogs and they generally love chewing them.

Pig’s feet can be a much more engaging and mentally stimulating chew toy for dogs, keeping them satisfied. This chew treat also has some dental benefits as it helps to manage the build-up of tartar on a dog’s teeth.

Are there any nutritional benefits of giving dogs pig feet?

Yes, pig’s feet also provide some nutritional benefits for dogs. They are high in zinc, protein, iron, and vitamin B12 as well as a great source of natural fat for a dog’s fur coat and joints.

However, as recommended by most nutritionists, pig feet should only be given to dogs who weigh 10 kg and over. Moreover, it is considered a bad idea to feed dogs pig feet if they have a history of stomach sensitivity.

Can dogs develop health issues from eating pig’s feet?

Yes, it is possible. Giving dogs pig’s feet too often is not good for them as it disrupts their diet due to a high number of calories in them leading to unhealthy weight gain. It is recommended that dogs should have a nutritious diet but also a balanced one. 

Moreover, pig meat has been known to carry parasites that may be life-threatening for dogs as over the years if a dog has contracted a disease or parasite from eating pig meat, a low survival rate has been recorded.

However, Australian pork has been regarded as safe and it is considered that if a dog is having locally sourced Australian pork then feeding them raw would not cause harm. It is also important to know that some dogs might experience an upset stomach so it would be best to not feed them pig’s feet.

Are packaged pig’s feet safe for dogs?

No, it is not safe. It’s important to avoid giving dogs pre-packaged pig feet because the contents are full of sulfite which is essentially used as a preservative but is harmful to the health of dogs. Eating pig feet or any foods full of preservatives can lead to thiamine deficiency in dogs.

Following are the symptoms of thiamine deficiency that one should look out for in dogs:

  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Weakness in muscle
  • Unequal size of pupils

If you are out of options and plan on giving dogs pig feet, just make sure to look out for small bones that a furry friend might be able to swallow whole because that can cause a lot of health problems and inconveniences. 

Can dogs eat pig’s feet bones?

Yes, dogs can eat pig’s feet bones but there are some things that you need to keep in mind when feeding dogs any type of bones. Here are some tips:

  • Bones, when fed to dogs, should always be raw.
  • Do not feed cooked bones to dogs under any circumstances as they can splinter and cause life-threatening internal damage.
  • Allow dogs to have meaty and human-grade raw bones only.
  • If there is ever anything you are unsure about regarding a dog’s diet, make sure to speak to a nutritionist or a veterinarian.

Should we not give cooked pig feet to dogs?

No, do not give dogs cooked pig feet or bones. This is because when pig feet are cooked, they become soft and put a dog at risk of ingesting bone splinters which can cause serious health issues internally. Therefore, pig feet are best to give your dog occasionally and in raw form.

Similar is the case with smoked pig’s feet. They are harmful to dogs, however, for a different reason. Smoked pig’s feet are full of salt in order to preserve them and therefore, they contain high sodium content. A dog can potentially be at risk of sodium poisoning if too much salt is consumed. 

If you have heard about “dehydrated pig’s feet” you should know that they are also cooked pig’s feet which definitely causes the bones to become fragile as well and be harmful to dogs if consumed. However, raw pig’s feet are completely fine if given to dogs as a treat once or twice a week. 

Is it safe for dogs to eat pig feet?

If a dog loves to eat pig feet and you want to make sure that you are not putting your dog at any potential risk, then make sure to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Feed dogs raw pig feet and bones only.
  • Do not give them cooked or smoked pig feet because they can be hazardous if swallowed accidentally.
  • Make sure the pig’s feet and bones are large enough to avoid your dogs from swallowing them


We answered the question “Can dogs eat pig’s feet?” We also discussed the nutritional benefits and when it is harmful to dogs to eat pig feet.


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