Can dogs eat liver?

This blog will answer the query, “Can dogs eat liver?” We will also talk about the benefits of consuming liver, whether dogs can eat raw liver, whether dogs can eat beef liver, and how to offer liver to your dog.

Can dogs eat liver?

Yes, dogs can eat liver. The liver is a major organ in the body and is rich in nutrients. The liver has B vitamins, iron, copper, zinc, and other nutrients which support the vision, immune system, and overall health of the body.

What are the benefits of consuming liver for your dog?

Following are the benefits of consuming liver for your dog:


Following are the essential vitamins in the liver:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is required for healthy vision, immune system, reproductive system, and kidneys. Vitamin A is responsible for proper vision and deficiency of vitamin A can lead to night blindness which is not common in dogs.

Vitamin A also acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that help to neutralize the reactive oxidants in the body. The reactive oxidants cause unwanted inflammatory processes in the body, which leads to deadly conditions like cancer and heart diseases.

B vitamins

B vitamins are essential for brain function and converting food into energy. B vitamins help to improve coordination among different organs of the body. B vitamins are also essential in various other metabolic processes in the body.


The liver is a rich source of protein. The liver has fewer calories than any other meat of the body. Consuming the liver can burn calories and keep the bones and muscles strong. Strong bones and muscles are very important in the healthy lifestyle of your dog.

Low-fat content

Low-fat content can help your dog to control weight. Canine obesity is a big problem and there are several types of exercises to keep your dog healthy and fit. Besides exercises, you should also formulate a healthy diet plan for your dog.

Healthy fatty acids can also reduce the unwanted inflammatory processes in the body due to reactive oxidants in the body. These reactive oxidants cause cell injury and lead to heart diseases and more severe conditions like cancer in your dog.

Essential fatty acids also help to improve the coat of your dog. The beauty comes from the coat. The coat is also an indicator of good health in dogs. 


Following are the essential minerals in the liver meat:


Phosphorus is the first mineral on the list. Phosphorus is essential for bone health and gives energy to the body. Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio is essential for healthy bone mineral density. If the bone mineral density is good, bones are strong and there is less chance of fracture in the bones.

Phosphorus is also essential for energy production in the body. The ATP molecule has 3 phosphate groups. These groups break one by one and give energy to the body. The amount of energy released is huge.


Iron is the second essential mineral on the list. Iron is required for hemoglobin activity in the red blood cells. Red blood cells have the protein hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying the oxygen in the body. Hemoglobin needs iron for its activity. 

If there is a deficiency of iron in the body, a condition develops which is called anemia. Lack of proper oxygen supply to the body causes organ failure and the death of your beloved furry friend.

Can dogs eat beef liver?

No, dogs cannot eat beef liver. Beef liver has a huge amount of vitamins and if your dog has consumed enough of it, it can cause toxicity in your dog. Beef liver has vitamins according to the requirements of humans, not dogs.

Can dogs eat raw liver?

No, dogs cannot eat raw liver. Raw liver is not healthy for your dog to consume because your dog can contract the bacterial infection from it. Moreover, many dogs do not like raw liver and will turn their nose up at it.

Can dogs eat chicken liver?

Yes, dogs can eat chicken liver. It is healthy for your dog to consume chicken liver because it is rich in vitamin C and E. It also has an adequate amount of minerals. It has less amount of vitamins than beef liver but is still the best choice for your dog.

How to offer liver to your dog?

You can offer liver by cutting it into smaller bite sizes. After that, gently boil it and serve it without any added ingredients. Salt and seasonings are not healthy for your dog.


In this blog, we answered our major query, “Can dogs eat liver?” we also discussed, the benefits of consuming liver, whether dogs can eat raw liver, whether dogs can eat beef liver, and how to offer liver to your dog.


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