Can dogs eat leaves?

Is your dog showing strange behavior regarding eating leaves, and are you concerned,” can dogs eat leaves.” This article will discuss why dogs eat leaves, why dogs vomit after eating leaves, and how to prevent your dog from eating leaves.

Can dogs eat leaves?

No, dogs cannot eat leaves. Eating leaves is not an ordinary dog behavior. Also, leaves do not have any nutritional profile. They are a high fibrous diet, and hence they can not enrich your dog’s diet in a good way.

Eating leaves can cause many problems for your dog. For example, it could block the gastrointestinal tract of your dog. Also, leaves do not fulfill your dog’s nutritional requirements, so it’s better not to give them any.

Why do dogs eat leaves?

So, the question is, why do they eat leaves in the first place? Many researchers have concluded that eating leaves is not the expected behavior of a domesticated dog. However, wild dogs have been seen eating grass, leaves, and whatnot when they are out of food.

Some dogs got this instinct behavior from their ancestry to add leaves as a part of their diet. Following are the primary reasons why dogs like to eat leaves:


When your dog is out of activity, it starts to look for other things. And if a plant is happened to be nearby, dogs begin to eat it. So, if you think that your dog is eating leaves out of boredom, you can add extra activities for your dog. 

Bring your dog new toys, play with them, and take them for a walk. Daily walking and exercise are essential for your dog’s lifestyle. It keeps them healthy and makes them tired enough not to try new things like eating leaves.


Nausea could be one of the reasons your dog started to eat leaves. Whenever your dog eats leaves, it ends up vomiting them. This shows that your dog eats leaves to induce vomiting. If your fluffy is getting nausea, you should take your pet to the vet for medical advice as this could be a severe condition.


Pica is a behavior developed whenever your pet has a nutritional deficiency. It makes your pet eat things they think can fulfill their nutritional deficiency. But it doesn’t.

This could be a way of your dog telling you that he is not getting enough nutrition from the feed you provide. Get your veterinarian’s advice on this before making any change in your dog’s feed.

Intestinal parasites:

It was also seen that dogs having a parasitic infestation eat leaves to eliminate those parasites. Parasites cause stomach upsets and abdominal pain, and dogs try to cope with these conditions by eating leaves.

In that case, you’ll also observe some worms in your dog’s poop. Go to your dog’s vet as soon as possible.

Stomach upset:

Stomach upset usually happens when you change your dog’s feed plan, change in diet, or eat too many treats that you give to your dog. Stomach upset includes gas formation in the stomach, bloat, and stomach aches.

Fiber deficiency:

Leaves are full of fibers, and if your dog is eating leaves, this could be an indication that your diet needs more fiber and its diet is low in fibers. Take your pet to the vet so that if your friend has a fiber deficiency, your veterinarian can add something to your dog’s diet to cope with fiber deficiency. 

Don’t add something on your own. Always take your veterinarian’s advice before doing anything.

Why do dogs vomit after eating leaves?

Dogs are carnivores and do not have enzymes to process the plants, e.g., leaves, grass, or stems. The acid in the stomach causes the leaves and grass to vomit. 

Also, it is a defense mechanism of the body to cope with the foreign agent. If a dog vomits after eating a small amount of grass or leaves, it is probably a good sign because it is not in your dog’s body to cause further problems.

How to prevent your dog from eating leaves?

If your dog is doing this because of boredom, you should find a new way to entertain your buddy. Bring new toys, take them on walks, and give them a lot of exercises to keep them busy. 

  • Provide your dog with chew sticks to chew on them whenever they are bored.
  • Play with your dog. Take some time out regularly to accompany them.
  • Take your pet to the vet to see if your friend suffers from intestinal parasites.
  • Consult your veterinarian regarding your dog’s feed to ensure that your dog is not having a nutritional deficiency.


Here we discussed “can dogs eat leaves.” In this article, we also discussed why dogs eat leaves, why dogs vomit after eating leaves, and how to prevent your dog from eating leaves.