Can dogs eat kimchi?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “ Can dogs eat kimchi?” We will also discuss the health benefits of kimchi, the ingredients used in making kimchi and how often can dogs eat kimchi

Can dogs eat kimchi?

Yes, dogs can eat kimchi in small amounts. Kimchi is a popular Korean food that is safe for dogs as long as it is not too spicy. Fermented vegetables can be very beneficial for dogs as they are a good source of prebiotics that help to boost the overall health of dogs. 

However, you need to be aware of the ingredients used in making kimchi to be fully sure if it is safe for dogs. Kimchi which is made of cabbage and contains minimal spices is generally considered safe for dog consumption.

What is kimchi?

Kimchi is a popular side dish most commonly found in Korea. It is also gaining popularity all around the world for its taste and health benefits. It is made of fermented vegetables such as cabbage and contains certain spices. 

A small amount of kimchi is safe and healthy for dogs. However, a large intake of kimchi can result in various health issues. Some varieties of kimchi may also contain onions and garlic. Such varieties are considered highly unhealthy for dogs.

Is kimchi safe for dogs?

Yes, kimchi is safe for dogs as long as it does not contain onion or garlic. These vegetables are considered dangerous for dog consumption due to their toxic effects. Garlic and onion contain n-propyl disulfide, a chemical compound known for causing hemolytic anemia in dogs.

It destroys the red blood cells in dogs which leads to anemic conditions. As a result, dogs suffer from painful and uncomfortable symptoms of garlic and onion toxicity. Therefore, you should only feed cabbage kimchi to dogs. 

What are the health benefits of kimchi? 

Kimchi is made of fermented vegetables which can provide many health benefits to dogs. It is nutrient-rich and helps to boost the overall health of dogs. It also helps to improve the digestive health of dogs.

 Moreover, kimchi also provides pre-biotics which are extremely healthy and beneficial for the overall health improvement of dogs. Kimchi also helps to enhance nutrient absorption in dogs which ultimately plays an evident role in improving their immune system including their overall health.

Some other health benefits of kimchi are given below:

  • Kimchi enhances the oral health of dogs
  • It helps to kill bad bacteria as well as parasites in your dog’s digestive tract
  • It also provides resistance to various diseases.
  • Kimchi also carries the potential to stabilize blood sugar levels in dogs
  • It can also help dogs in losing weight.

Is fermented food safe for dogs?

Yes, fermented food is safe for dogs. Fermented food is full of probiotics that are great for your dog’s health. They provide your dog with good bacteria that help to boost its immune system and improve the overall functioning of your dog’s body. 

Fermented food also helps to detoxify your dog’s body and gets rid of harmful chemicals and heavy metals that can harm your dog’s health in many ways. This greatly helps to improve your dog’s lifespan and prevent them from various diseases. 

Can dogs eat hot kimchi?

No dogs cannot eat hot kimchi. Hot kimchi contains peppers and additional spices which are not good for their health. Hot kimchi is very spicy and can irritate your dog’s gastrointestinal system resulting in stomach distress.

Dogs can experience severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. Moreover, most dogs are sensitive to peppers which leads to many health complications in case of consumption. Therefore, you should not give kimchi to dogs. 

Can kimchi harm my dog’s health?

Yes, kimchi can harm your dog’s health in certain conditions. Overconsumption of kimchi can result in stomach distress leading to vomiting and diarrhea. Here are some other harmful effects of kimchi:

  • Dogs can suffer from stomach cramps if they consume kimchi in high amounts.
  • Kimchi containing onion and garlic is toxic for dogs and causes hemolytic anemia in them.
  • Kimchi also contains considerable amounts of salt. Therefore, overconsumption of kimchi can disturb electrolyte balance in dogs.
  • Dogs can also develop sodium toxicity from eating too much kimchi.
  • Hot kimchi can irritate your dog’s stomach leading to stomach distress.

How often can dogs eat kimchi?

You should only serve kimchi to dogs once in a while in very limited amounts. Since kimchi contains salt, overconsumption can result in various health issues including dehydration, excessive thirst, frequent urination, and weakness.

 Therefore, an occasional treat in small amounts is more than enough for dogs.


We answered the question “ Can dogs eat kimchi?” We also discussed the health benefits of kimchi, the ingredients used in making kimchi and how often dogs can eat kimchi.


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