Can dogs eat frosted flakes?

 This article will let you know about “can dogs eat frosted flakes”. We will also tell you whether it is harmful to your dog to eat roasted flakes and what snacks you can give to your dog instead of frosted flakes. 

Can dogs eat frosted flakes?

Yes, dogs can eat frosted corn flakes. They are ok to eat for dogs but are not healthy for them. It doesn’t have an excellent nutritional profile for dogs.

It has nothing in it that can benefit your dog. Rather it is full of sugar that certainly is harmful to your dog. Also, you should avoid giving your pooch too much of them because it results in weight gain.

Is it harmful to your dog to eat frosted flakes?

Eating frosted flakes once in a while and small amounts will not cause any harm to your dog. But dogs who eat cereals like these regularly end up gaining weight. In addition, they also cause a disturbed stomach.

Instead of using frosted flakes as a treat for your dogs, you should consider using healthy treats like fruits, vegetables and specialized treats for dogs.

Why should your dog not eat frosted flakes?

Here are the reasons why you should not feed your dog frosted flakes:

Nutritional profile:

Frosted flakes have zero nutritional profile for dogs. It is of no good for your dog. So why feed your fluffy food that can do no good?


Preservatives are very much in every food. Carcinogenic preservatives in flakes are harmful to your dog. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is present in frosted flakes, and it was banned in many countries because of its carcinogenic properties.

BHT causes liver tumors in rats, and so it does cause harm in dogs too. So avoid foods containing BHT as much as much as you can.

High sugar content:

They are coated in sugar, which can do no good for your dog. One cup of frosted flakes is 33% sugar. Yes, you read right! We are talking about this much sugary content. How can this benefit your dog?

Eating this much sugar on a regular basis can lead to tooth problems. Your pooch’s teeth will be damaged in no time.

Sugar consumption leads to obesity and weight gain, and it is the cause of many problems like heart failure, joint pain, diabetes and difficulty breathing. It also compromises the life span of your dog.

With all these, it is best not to feed your dog roasted flakes.

Stomach upset:

These flakes make your dog’s stomach gurgle. When you hear this, get ready to clean up the mess. Yes, diarrhea and vomiting are on their way. This happens because the normal microorganisms that are present in the gastrointestinal tract are disturbed. They help in the digestion of food.

Frosted flakes also cause flatulence in dogs. With this much sugar, their balance is disturbed, and it leads to diarrhea.

High amounts of sodium:

It also has a high amount of salt that exceeds the daily salt requirement for your doggo. It leads to polydipsia and high blood pressure.

High-fat content:

The corn used in flakes is milled; hence, it has more fat, which leads to weight gain and increased cholesterol. It leads to many heart diseases. It also leads to hyperlipidemia, which causes fatty skin bumps, jaundice and abdominal pain.

High-calorie cereal:

It has a high-calorie diet. A 37g of frosted flakes contains 140 calories. Overeating frosted flakes will lead to high-calorie intake, leading to arthritis, heart diseases, formation of tumors and high blood pressure.

So, feed your pooch things that help them stay healthy and have an extended life period.


Xylitol is the sugar replacer used instead of sugar in many preserved foods. This sugar causes toxicity in dogs. It is incredibly harmful to your fluffy friend.

Can dogs eat frosted flakes with milk?

These two things are a big no-no for your dog. First frosted flakes are high in sugar, fats and calories, too, and with the added milk, your dog’s health is more at risk. Many dogs are lactose intolerant, and the use of milk will cause diarrhea and gas in dogs.

Can you give oats to your dogs?

When made correctly, oats are healthy snacks for dogs. Use cooked and plain oatmeal for your dog. It contains a high amount of fiber that helps keep your dog’s gut healthy. It is made from water instead of milk and hence avoids diarrhea due to lactose intolerance.

What other things can you give to your dog other than frosted flakes?

Here are some of the healthy snacks you can give your pooch instead of frosted flakes:

  • Oat bran 
  • Cheerios


You learned in this article that “can dogs eat frosted flakes”. We also discussed whether it is harmful to your dog to eat frosted flakes, why your dog should not eat them, and what snacks you can give your dog instead of frosted flakes.


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