Can dogs eat flies? 

This pet blog will answer the major question, “Can dogs eat flies?” We will also talk about the reasons why your dog chases flies, the deadly outcomes of dogs eating flies, and how to train your dog not to eat flies. 

Can dogs eat flies?

Yes, dogs can eat flies. It is safe to eat flies as long as they don’t have dangerous defense mechanisms and don’t carry venom or other harmful bacteria in them. You should devise ways to train your dog not to chase them. 

Why does your dog like to chase flies? 

Your dog likes to chase flies because he is curious and loves to chase those things that move. 

Dogs love to explore and it is in their genes. They cannot resist it. They smell and taste everything around them to get an idea of the things around them. 

It is very difficult to change this habit but proper training can help your dog. 

This behavior if unchecked will start to become prominent and will affect the mental health of your dog negatively. 

What are the deadly outcomes of dogs eating flies? 

Following are the deadly outcomes of dogs eating flies:


Mosquitoes have heartworms in them. If your dog eats a mosquito there is a chance that your dog will contract heartworm. 

Heartworm is a deadly worm and can cause serious heart disease in your dog. 

Mosquitoes are found very commonly around us, this increases the risk of contracting heartworm for your dog. 

Bacterial contamination

The body of the flies has numerous bacteria which can affect the health of your dog if consumed. The feet of the flies have the most bacteria on them. 

Defense mechanism of flies

Many flies are harmless to your dog if your dog consumes them. Some flies have defense mechanisms such as biting, sting, and other secretions which can paralyze the attacker. 

If your dog comes in contact with this type of fly then you will be visiting your vet immediately. 

Wasps can bite your dog and start an allergic reaction which may or may not last long. 

The most common symptoms of allergic reactions are below:

  • Rashes around the bite
  • Swelling of the bitten area
  • Itching
  • Pain
  • Restlessness

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Many times you see that your dog is catching flies or trying to catch flies while there is no fly in the air. 

This is due to a psychological disorder known as obsessive-compulsive disorder( OCD). 

This is a serious condition that needs to be dressed quickly. Visit your vet and have a detailed discussion about the causes and treatment of OCD. 

Your vet might go for a CAT and will shift your dog on medicines. 

Stomach upset

Consuming too many flies can cause stomach upset in your dog. Stomach upset is not a big problem in your dog but it can prove lethal if not treated in time. 

Dehydration is the problem associated with stomach upset because it can lead to hypovolemic shock and the death of your dog. 

How to keep flies away from your yard? 

There are a few ways by which you can keep away flies from your yard:

  • You can use cinnamon in your yard which will prevent the flies from getting into your yard. 
  • You can also use a wine bottle to catch flies that are around your yard, you should drink wine and leave a few inches in the bottle. The flies are attracted to the bottle, and finally, they are trapped.
  • You can also use liquid dog food and pour it into a tube and place the tube in the yard. You should add a few drops of dish soap to create a film that can trap flies when they sit on it. 
  • Some flies are attracted by the sweet flavors of various products, you can use these products to set a trap for the flies in your yard. 
  • You can also cover the garbage because flies are attracted to garbage. 

How to train your dog not to chase flies? 

The first thing you can do is to teach your dog basic commands such as “leave it” or “No” to develop a sense of discipline in your dog.

After that, you need to train your dog to ignore the flies around your dog. For this purpose positive reinforcement is required. Whenever your dog will ignore the fly you will give it a treat to your dog. 

In this way, your dog will realize that ignoring the flies is good for him as he will get the treat. 


In this pet blog, we answered our important question, “Can dogs eat flies?” we also talked about the reasons why your dog chases flies, the deadly outcomes of dogs eating flies, and how to train your dog not to eat flies. 


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