Can dogs eat crayons

Today we will discuss something about “can dogs eat crayons?”. We will also answer some of your queries about why dogs eat crayons, what happens if a dog eats crayons and whether crayons are safe for your dog. Stick with us to know more about these questions.

Can dogs eat crayons?

No, dogs can not eat crayons. Crayons have no nutritional value. Although crayons are not harmful or toxic to dogs, your dog should not eat them. The ingredients in crayons can cause stomach upset in your dog. 

Crayons are made of pigment and paraffin wax. These ingredients can not harm your dog, but you should watch out for them so that it won’t eat them in bulk and cause problems.

We only need to worry about the obstruction it can cause if eaten in bulk. It can also cause choking. 

What happens if a dog eats crayons?

If you left your dog with some crayons and when you came back the half vanished, don’t panic. Your dog will probably be acceptable as a small number of crayons can not harm your dog. Just observe your dog and if you observe something unusual, take your dog to the vet. 

Following are the symptoms that appear after a dog eats crayons:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive salivation
  • Anorexia
  • Gas
  • Skin redness
  • Difficult breathing
  • Swelling of mouth or face 
  • Panting 
  • Nervousness
  • Panic
  • Less bowel movement

If your dog has eaten a bunch of crayons and you doubt it might get gastrointestinal blockage from them, you should rush to your veterinarian so your pup can have its physical examination done. The vet will perform radiography on your dog to determine the blockage’s point.

If any of these symptoms appear, you should consult your vet so your pooch won’t get hurt further.

How to prevent your dog from eating crayons?

Following are some of the tips that might help you in keeping your dog away from crayons:

  • Keep the counters and floor clean, and keep the crayons in the cabinets away from your dog. Keep the bins’ lids tight, so your dog won’t get his paws on your crayons. 
  • If you have thrown your crayons away, always empty the bin frequently.
  • Make a baby gate to keep your dog away.
  • If you have a puppy, make sure it has its chewing toys when it is teething so that it won’t get its mouth on anything it sees.
  • If your kids use crayons, ensure that your dogs are away from your kid’s room.
  • Visit your vet so that your vet can find out if your dog is eating crayons because of pica. The vet will change the dirty if your dog or add nutritional supplements to the diet.

Are crayons safe for your dog?

Crayons are non-toxic as they do not have any harmful ingredients that can get your pet’s life in danger. You should not worry that your dog will die after eating a crayon. But it certainly doesn’t mean that you allow your dog to have some. It can cause stomach problems in your dog.

Though they are not toxic and don’t cause poisoning, your dog can choke on them.

Why do dogs eat crayons?

There is no particular answer to the question of why dogs eat crayons. No one certainly knows that, but dogs don’t eat crayons because they like their taste. They eat them out of curiosity. Some crayons have a fruity and sweet smell that might attract your dog. 

Besides, dogs are creatures that are suspicious about everything, and they eat anything they can get their tongue on. They live to try out new things and flavors.

Puppies who are teething might like to chew on crayons. Crayons are soft, and it helps in reducing their gum itching. It satisfies them, and the puppy continues to eat them. In addition, the attractive colors of crayons can also attract your dog. 

There can be other reasons why your dog is eating crayons. They can be frustration, anxiety, stress, teething, or boredom. It can also be due to pica. Pica is the behavior that happens in an animal when the animal is nutritionally deficient. The deficiency of certain minerals can cause your dog to chew on some uncertain things like crayons, mud, whitewash, grass, etc.

What ingredients are used to make crayons?

Following are the things that make up the crayons:

  • Dye or colorings

The crayons are made of safe ingredients as children use them and often chew them off. So if they are safe for kids, they are safe for dogs too. 


Here in this article, we discussed “can dogs eat crayons?”. We also answered some of your queries about why dogs eat crayons, what happens if a dog eats crayons and whether crayons are safe for your dog. Thank you for sticking with us.