Can dogs eat chow mein?

Today we’ll discuss some things about your dog eating some Chinese food. We’ll mainly address your question, “can dogs eat chow mein? We’ll also discuss why chow mein is dangerous for dogs. Stay with us!

Can dogs eat chow mein?

No, dogs can not eat chow mein. Chow mein may contain some ingredients that are not healthy for your dogs. Chow mein is a high-carb diet that can increase the chances of obesity in dogs.

Chow mein is not a light snack as it contains salt, pepper, sauces, oil, and many other spices. All these things might enhance the food taste for humans, but they are terrible for dogs.

Why can’t dogs eat chow mein?

Following are the ingredients of chow mein; most of them are harmful to dogs. Learn with us; why?


Chinese food contains 2 to 3 grams of salt, which is above the requirement of salt that a dog needs. A dog eating an enormous amount of Chinese food can be exposed to salt toxicity. Besides, more significant amounts of salt will increase the water intake, and hence stomach bloat occurs.

Following are the signs of salt toxicity in dogs:

  • Drooling
  • Dehydration
  • Staggering
  • High blood pressure
  • Coma (severe stages)
  • Seizures
  • Tremors

As we all know, more salt consumption leads to high blood pressure that threatens your pet’s life.

Wheat noodles:

As the name indicates, these noodles are made from wheat. Some dogs are allergic to wheat, and these noodles can cause allergies. If your dog is not allergic to wheat or wheat products, plain wheat noodles are excellent and nutritious as they contain many vitamins.

But noodles are high in carbohydrates and so in sugar. It can lead to increased blood sugar.

Plain egg noodles are suitable for dogs as there is no wheat in them. If you want to give your dog noodles, keep them simple and do not add salt or spices. You can also replace wheat noodles with rice noodles. They are harmless to your dog.

Sugar sauce:

Sugar sauce is used in some Chinese food and sometimes in chow mein. It is not as dangerous as salt but can lead to obesity and diabetes millets. 

MSG (Monosodium glutamate):

It is also known as “Chinese salt.” It is used in almost all Chinese foods because it enhances the taste of the meal. It causes brain damage in both humans and dogs.  

This salt is also known as the “taste that kills.”

Onions and garlic:

Both onions and garlic belong to the family of plants called Allium. All the plants from this family are toxic for dogs. And garlic and onions are part of almost every Chinese food. 

Garlic and onion damage the red blood cells of your dog and hence decrease the oxygen supply to the body, and the animal dies due to the lack of oxygen. 

Also, the onion and garlic powder are equally dangerous in their new form. So avoid giving your dog chow mein if it has onion or garlic in every state.

Red chili:

Red chili is the main component to be added to Chinese food. It enhances the flavor of the food, but for dogs, it is of no good. It can cause chest burn and increased water intake that can cause stomach bloat.

Also, the consumption of red chilies can lead to pancreatitis in your dog. It’s a very painful condition for your floof.

Fats and oils:

Chow mein is fried in oil, and when eaten, it causes gastrointestinal disturbance and may lead to pancreatitis. Eating high-fat foods increases blood cholesterol and leads to many heart diseases.

Can dogs eat Chinese fried rice?

Dogs can not eat Chinese fried rice because it contains oil and many spices that can hurt your dog. So your dog’s health should feed them plain white rice without any salt or spices. 

They can not process the food as humans, and most human foods are harmful to dogs.

How much chow mein can a dog eat in a day?

Dogs have a taste for everything that their hooman eats, but not all of these foods are beneficial for your dog. You can give plain boiled chow mein without any spices. But even that chow mein should be delivered in moderation. 

How to make chow mein for your dog?

Boil the plain chow mein. Add chicken and vegetables to it. Those vegetables should be dog friendly. You can blend the vegetables to make chow mein sauce. This type of chow mein is safe for your dog.


Today we discussed “can dogs eat chow mein? We’ll also discuss why chow mein is dangerous for dogs. I hope you know all the things about feeding your dog chow mein.


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