Can dogs eat chicken gizzards?

In this brief discussion, we will address the query “Can dogs eat chicken gizzards?” We will also talk about the nutritional profile of chicken gizzard, if dogs can consume raw chicken gizzard or not, and the best way to feed chicken gizzard to your dog.

Can dogs eat chicken gizzards?

Yes, dogs can eat chicken gizzards. A gizzard is the muscular part of the chicken’s digestive system and has a very good nutritional value. The chicken gizzard is high in proteins and essential minerals which are healthy for your dogs.

However, it is very important to know that only feeding chicken gizzard to your dog would not meet its feeding requirements. Therefore, it is best to add it with other types of feed as well such as wet dog food or meat chunks.

What is the nutritional profile of the chicken gizzard?

It is very important to know the nutritional profile of the feed that you are offering your little friend. Chicken gizzard contains the following nutrients:


Dogs need protein to build muscle and meet their energy requirements. Chicken Gizzard contains lean protein such as cartilage. 

The gizzard is also known as the teeth of the digestive system of the chicken because of its musculature. Therefore, it is very nutritious to add chicken gizzard to your dog’s diet.


Vitamins play a very important role in the metabolism of your dog’s body, therefore, they should be part of your dog’s diet.

The chicken gizzard has vitamin A, C, B12, retinol, and niacin. Which are very essential for the regulation of your dog’s metabolism. 

Vitamins also boost the immune system and make your dog healthier and stronger. Furthermore, they also improve the eyesight of your dog such as retinol.


Fats are important for the smooth conduction of nerve impulses in the body. They also contribute a major role in the synthesis of important reproductive and metabolic hormones in the body of your dog.

Chicken gizzard contains sufficient amounts of fat for the dietary requirement of your dogs, for example, 0.3 to 0.4 grams for every 10 g of the chicken gizzard. Therefore, it is healthy to feed chicken gizzard to your dog.


Chicken gizzard also contains some antioxidants which are important to prevent the dog’s body from the harmful effects of free radicals in the body such as inflammation or skin allergies, etc.

Free radicals that are formed from the different metabolic reactions need to be neutralized and excreted out of the body system. Therefore feeding chicken gizzard can also help your dog fight the harmful free radicals away.


Minerals are important for many important biochemical reactions that are taken in living organisms. Dogs being highly active animals require a balanced diet that can adequately meet their dietary requirements.

The chicken gizzard has essential minerals such as Calcium for bone growth and proper working of various metabolic enzymes in the body of the dog, Iron for generation of healthy blood cells as well as a strong immune system.

Selenium for enhancement in the defense mechanism of the body against different harmful pathogens and Phosphorus for the proper bone development and formation as well as the generation of healthy red blood cells.

Can dogs eat raw chicken gizzard?

Yes, dogs can eat raw chicken gizzard. It is best to wash the gizzard thoroughly and freeze it. Raw gizzard doesn’t have any harmful pathogens that can affect the health of your dog.

Unlike the intestinal part of the chicken digestive system, the gizzard doesn’t have to chemically digest or absorb the food and it is free from any natural microflora. Therefore, it is safe for your dog to consume raw chicken gizzard.

Is it healthy for your dog to eat chicken gizzard?

Yes, it is healthy for your dog to eat chicken gizzard. A chicken gizzard is enriched with proteins, vitamins, as well as minerals and is very nutritious for your dog. Feeding chicken gizzard also helps in the prevention of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis in dogs.

What is the best way to feed Chicken Gizzard to your dog?

Following are some best ways to feed chicken gizzard to your dog:

  • Cut the chicken gizzards into small pieces and heat them in salted water for ten to twenty minutes and serve your dog.
  • Add small chops of chicken gizzard in the wet dog food that your dog loves to eat.
  • Boil the chicken gizzard and feed it to your dog.
  • You can also give raw chicken gizzard to dogs, A lot of dogs love to eat raw chicken gizzard.


We addressed the query “Can dogs eat chicken gizzards?” We also talked about the nutritional profile of chicken gizzard, if dogs can consume raw chicken gizzard or not, and the best way to feed chicken gizzard to your dog.


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