Can cats eat spam?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “can cats eat spam?” We will also discuss the possible risks of feeding spam to cats.

Can cats eat spam?

No, you cannot feed spam to cats on a regular basis. 800 mg of sodium, or more than the daily salt recommendation for cats, can be found in a can of spam. Spam isn’t poisonous or hazardous to cats, though. 

Sharing a modest amount of spam won’t hurt if your cat asks too much. As an alternative, choose foods designed especially for cats. Spam should not be given to cats who have liver or pancreatic diseases. It might make their situation worse. 

As their metabolism is still developing, kittens should not be given spam because it contains high levels of salt. Moreover, spam can also raise serious health issues in cats if consumed in large amounts. 

Therefore, it is better to avoid feeding spam to cats.

Is spam toxic for cats?

No, spam is not toxic for cats, so you don’t need to hurriedly take it to the doctor if it catches a bite that has dropped on the floor. You might even be able to get away with giving your cat a few bites as a treat every now and then. 

Given that it is a product made with pork, there is a good likelihood that your cat will genuinely enjoy the flavour, and there is nothing wrong with occasionally giving him a treat. 

Having said that, you shouldn’t give your cat Spam every day because it can raise serious health issues in cats. In actuality, you should only give him a few bites over the course of a week.

What are the possible health risks of feeding spam to cats?

Spam has salt levels that are 20 times greater than what is advised for a cat’s daily intake. Additionally, it has a lot of fat in it. The following are several justifications for not letting your cat eat spam:

High level of sodium

Sodium is not considered bad for cats since it is an essential nutrient needed for many bodily functions. Cats must eat a sodium-rich diet to maintain a healthy urinary tract. However, a cat’s health may suffer from high salt levels. 

According to experts, your cat’s daily sodium intake should not be more than 20 mg. There is no need to be concerned if your cat stealthily climbs the counter and consumes some spam. It won’t hurt your cat. 

The actual risk arises when you regularly feed your cat spam. High sodium levels may result in heart and kidney issues in your cat. Therefore, you need to be careful.

High fat levels

The majority of cat owners reside in gated or apartment complexes. There isn’t much area for the cats to move around or explore the wilderness. They lead primarily indoor, sedentary lives. A cat’s metabolism slows down when they are inactive.

As a result, it’s crucial to refrain from giving your cat food that has a lot of fat such as spam. Over time, your cat may develop obesity as a result of this. Your cat’s risk of contracting a number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease, and arthritis, increases if it is obese.

Your cat can become addicted

Your cat will enjoy the highly flavorful processed food that is frequently served. If you regularly let your cat eat spam, it can develop a taste for it and stop eating ordinary cat food. It can disrupt your cat’s whole diet.

This is extremely harmful to your cat’s health because spam contains high levels of sodium and fat. Fat and cholesterol account for the majority of calories. Therefore, feeding your cat spam on a regular basis could result in health problems or liver and kidney damage.

Can I give spam to my kitten?

No, you should not give spam to your kitten. Kittens’ digestive systems are still developing as they are continually growing. A kitten’s stomach may become irritated if it consumes processed foods like spam. 

Additionally, you don’t want your cat to become accustomed to hot and salty foods since this could lead to future feeding issues. Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding spam to your kitten.

Can I give spam to my elderly cat?

No, you should not give spam to your elderly cat. The metabolism of older cats starts to slow down with time. As they age, cats lose their ability to easily digest fat and sodium.

Let’s say your cat has liver or pancreatic problems. Such high fat and sodium content cat chow just make the situation worse. Therefore, you should not feed spam to an older cat especially if it is already suffering from health issues.


We answered the question “can cats eat spam?” We also discussed the possible risks of feeding spam to cats.