Can cats eat Puppuccinos?

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “Can cats eat Puppuccinos?” We will also talk about whether puppuccinos are healthy for cats and how to order one for your furry friend.

Can cats eat Puppuccinos?

Yes, cats can have Puppuccinos, too! Although there is nothing hazardous to cats in a Puppuccino, they are not considered a healthy snack. Before ordering this item for your cat companion, there are a few things you should know about it.

What is a Puppuccino?

The Puppuccino is a whipped cream-filled Starbucks cup. There isn’t any coffee, chocolate, or syrup present. The intention is to keep the dog occupied with a nibble while the owner is sipping their favourite coffee. 

Whipping cream’s aroma and flavour are irresistible to dogs, and it turns out that most cats feel the same way! There isn’t a Pup Cup that is cat-sized, but you can ask for a smaller amount to avoid giving your cat too much sugar.

Are Puppuccinos healthy for cats?

When you go to Starbucks, your cat might truly like getting a puppuccino as a treat. As a treat, some cats adore freshly whipped cream. You should exercise caution when deciding how much to feed your cats. 

Due to their known lactose sensitivity, adult cats may not be able to tolerate the dairy in the puppuccino. Dogs can still enjoy dairy as a frequent treat because they can consume it in far greater quantities than cats.

Since the puppuccino is made completely of whipped cream, it contains a lot of calories as well. After some time, the whipped cream may also melt. Your cat’s fur and whiskers may get very messy if it sticks its face into the cream. 

If you intend to give your cat a puppuccino as a treat, make sure you have some wipes on hand. Regardless, it’s possible that your cat isn’t really interested in trying the puppuccino. You can bring along a lot of different delicacies on your trip for a coffee run. 

We advise obtaining some freeze-dried chicken for your cat as opposed to purchasing a puppuccino. The meat may be preferred over the dairy treat, and you may use it as positive reinforcement to help them feel more at ease in public.

How can I order a Puppuccino?

There are no Pup Cups on the standard Starbucks menu. Any mention of it will appear in their app or on the walls of the branch as a flyer. Asking the barista is all it takes to get one, though. The Puppuccino’s greatest feature is that it’s free! 

However, to get the treat for free, you do need to buy something for yourself. Keep in mind that not all Starbucks engage in the Pup Cup because it is a free promotional item. It might not be available in the first Starbucks you go to, but it never hurts to try. 

Before going to a store, you can always call ahead to make sure you can get a Puppuccino. If that store does not sell Pup Cups, they ought to advise a store that does. Starbucks shares our love of animals by giving a free treat for our furry friends, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a little extra tip to the drink order to show our appreciation for their kindness. 

Can I make Puppuccino at home?

Yes, you can! A Puppuccino just requires two ingredients: 4 ounces of milk and whipped cream! Simply acquire an empty cup, preferably one from Starbucks for increased accuracy, but any cup will serve, and fill it with milk and whipped cream to the quarter mark. 

You can use your cat’s sweet treat in place of sugar to add sweetness. When you offer it to your content cat, watch as they eagerly eat it up. 

What are the side effects of Puppuccinos to cats?

Puppuccinos include significant amounts of a number of ingredients that may have adverse effects on your pet. After consuming puppuccino, your lactose-intolerant cat may experience symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, and belly pain for eight to twelve hours.

Moreover, feeding your cat puppuccino can be a messy process. It could stick to your cat’s face and whiskers, and cleaning it could be a lot of trouble. Plus, the high fat content in puppuccinos has the potential to lead to pancreatitis in cats over time.

What precautions should I take before feeding Puppuccino to a cat?

Here are a few things to keep in mind while serving puppuccinos to your kitties. These suggestions will make sure that your cat occasionally loves this treat and remains healthy.

  • Refrain from serving your cat the entire puppuccino. Instead, sprinkle a tiny amount on the lid and let your cat lick it.
  • Some of it can be used as whipped cream to top coffee. Even the leftovers can be brought home and stored in the fridge.
  • Compared to adult cats, younger cats are more lactose tolerant. So if you want your cat to enjoy it, try to start giving your cat puppuccinos when it’s younger. Keep it as a special treat for adult cats.


We answered the question “Can cats eat Puppuccinos?” We also talked about whether puppuccinos are healthy for cats and how to order one for your furry friend.


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