Can cats eat Oreos?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “can cats eat Oreos?” We will also discuss why Oreos are dangerous for cats and what to do if my cat eats Oreos.

Can cats eat Oreos?

No, cats cannot eat Oreos. Giving your pet Oreo cookies is not a good idea. It’s probably nothing to worry about if you drop a tiny bit of a cookie on the floor and your cat eats it. Oreo cookies, on the other hand, are not advised for cats and may even be harmful.

Why are Oreos dangerous for cats?

Oreos are dangerous for cats because it contains cocoa powder which is considered poisonous for cats. Because it contains theobromine and caffeine, cocoa powder is toxic to cats. 4.5% of Oreos are made up of chocolate powder.

Here are some of the potential health risks of feeding Oreos to cats:

Cats can suffer from caffeine toxicity

Caffe intoxication in cats can cause gastrointestinal distress, including vomiting and diarrhoea. It can also cause deadly cardiac arrhythmias and elevate your cat’s blood pressure. 

For a few hours after consuming something with caffeine, you can also notice your cat urinating more frequently.

Cats can develop theobromine toxicity

Similar to caffeine in composition, theobromine is found in chocolate and cocoa powder in higher concentrations than caffeine. In addition to symptoms that are comparable to caffeine poisoning, theobromine toxicity can also result in seizures, restlessness, panting, and muscle tremors. 

As the symptoms worsen, the cat’s blood pressure may suddenly decrease. Theobromine can cause status epilepticus, a coma, and even death when consumed in large doses. 

They are also high in fat and sugar, which can be problematic for cats that are predisposed to pancreatitis, intestinal sensitivity, or diabetes.

What should I do if my cat eats Oreos?

Oreos contain very little pure cocoa powder per cookie, so the risk of toxicity from a couple of bites of a cookie is low. If your cat gets into a bite or two of Oreo cookies, it’s a good idea to closely monitor for any signs of stomach upset or increased urination. 

If you see any indication that your cat is experiencing any additional symptoms or the symptoms you’re seeing are severe, then you should have your cat checked out by a veterinarian. When in doubt, contact the pet poison hotline for guidance.

Depending on the age and size of your cat, if it consumes a whole Oreo cookie, they are likely to experience some mild symptoms of gastroenteritis. 

If your cat consumes more than one Oreo cookie, a vet visit is ideal for treatment and monitoring to ensure your cat does not begin experiencing serious symptoms.

Are Oreos considered toxic for cats?

No. Oreos are not toxic to cats, but if fed in excess or insufficient amounts, they can have some negative effects that can lead to your cat experiencing serious health problems.

Numerous studies have shown that such sweet items can be toxic to people, therefore you can bet that they must also be fatal to cats. 

If your cat has always loved Oreos and you need to offer them to them as a treat, it’s good as long as you only provide them as treats; just be careful that it doesn’t gradually replace their regular daily routine. 

Now that you are aware of the consequences, you must watch your cat’s intake of Oreos very carefully.

Can oreo kill my cat?

No. Your cat cannot die from eating Oreos, but it is possible that it will have negative repercussions. Cats typically only wish to maintain sugary foods as treats in their diets and don’t even like them.

While it is noteworthy that cats who consume sugar may develop high blood pressure and pass away because their owners failed to recognize the problem in a timely manner. 

Additionally, it should be remembered that the caffeine found in Oreos might occasionally cause your cat’s respiratory problems. Therefore, this should encourage you to stop feeding your cat food that produces so much toxicity.

Can cats eat golden Oreos?

Yes, cats can eat golden Oreos. Given that they are vegan and don’t include any chocolate, golden Oreos are suitable for feeding cats. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that your cat should eat any kind of Oreo on a regular basis. 

You shouldn’t in any way encourage your cat to consume anything other than the typical nutrition they require to survive. Golden Oreos are a safer and more practical solution to protect your cat from any negative events if your cat loves to eat Oreos.

However, make sure not to feed too many golden Oreos to your cat.


We answered  the question, “can cats eat Oreos?” We also discussed why Oreos are dangerous for cats and what to do f my cat eats Oreos.


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