Can cats eat noodles?

Sometimes when you are gorging on some noodles, your cat smells chicken and looks at you. Your cat’s innocent  makes you think, “Can cats eat noodles?”. We will also discuss the benefits of eating noodles with cats, why noodles are bad for cats, and how you can make cat-friendly noodles.

Can cats eat noodles?

Yes, cats can eat noodles. As long as the noodles are made from cat-friendly ingredients and don’t have any toxic preservatives and salts in them, your cat can taste some. However, cats like many human foods, and not every one of these cuisines is healthy for your cats.

Cat’s digestive system is made in a way to digest meat and proteins; that’s why many times, human foods eaten by a cat lead to a disturbance in its digestive tract. It is essential to look into the ingredients of the food to decide whether you should feed it to your furry or not.

What benefits can a cat get from eating noodles?

Multigrain noodles can be beneficial for cats. Cats’ diet contains approximately 1.5% carbohydrates in it. It means that cats, also need some carbohydrates for body cell functioning.

Why are noodles bad for cats?

As cats are meat-eating animals, following ingredients of noodles can be harmful to your cat:

High in carbohydrates:

Many noodles are multiple grains, and that’s why they are high in carbohydrates. Those diets can get your cat obese. Weight gain can cause many other health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Cats find it challenging to break down complex carbohydrates because they lack amylase enzymes that digest carbohydrates.

A low carbohydrate diet is ideal for cats as they eat meat; it is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. To keep your cat healthy, you need to stick to its regular diet plan.

Thyroid problems:

Indigestion and thyroid problems originate from high carbohydrate diets. It’s better to keep them away from such diets. 

High in salt:

Noodles contain high amounts of sodium in the form of salts, while cats don’t need them in such quantity. Consumption of salt in more than recommended can cause high blood pressure and kidney diseases in your cats.


The spice packets that come with the noodles are often packed with preservatives. Those preservatives can be toxic for your cats. Read all the ingredients carefully before feeding them to your cat.


Spices and chilies present in noodles can irritate your cat’s gastrointestinal system and might lead to diarrhea or vomiting. 

How to make healthy noodles for your cat?

You can make noodles from pure multigrain flour without any salt or spices. They are just healthy carbohydrates that are beneficial for your furry friend. You can make it fun and healthy by adding carrots, potatoes, spinach, and cucumber. These vegetables are full of nutrition and are a healthy treat for your cat. 

Always remember that even though these fun noodles are healthy, you should always feed them in moderation. Or else your cat will end up having diarrhea or vomiting.

What should I do if my cat has eaten noodles?

If your cat has stolen some of the noodles from your plate, there is probably nothing to worry about. But if you doubt that the noodles might have the ingredients that can harm your cat, look for the amount your cat has consumed. If you consume large amounts of those noodles, consult your vet on the phone and get there if needed.

What noodles can cats eat?

Here are some of the noodles that are good for your cat if fed in moderation:

  • Instant noodles
  • Soba noodles
  • Instant oatmeal

Are there any specific noodles made for cats?

Yes, while you enjoy your bowl of ramen, your cat, too, should have noodles. Instant cat noodles are specifically made for your cat companion. The experts have examined those and declared them safe and healthy for cats. 

They contain up to 70% protein, which helps keep the protein balance, and bone and muscle development in cats. Taurine, an amino acid, is present in these noodles that help prevent cardiovascular diseases in your four-pawed furry. In addition, these noodles are not cooked in oil. Instead, they are cooked in water and hence prevent the chances of pancreatitis due to fat. 

Can cats eat ramen noodles?

No, your cat should not eat ramen noodles because of their high salt content. Your cat can die from high blood pressure caused by enormous salt consumption.


This article discussed “Can cats eat noodles?”. We also unveiled some facts regarding the benefits of eating noodles with cats, why noodles are bad for cats, and how you can make cat-friendly noodles. You can give your cat noodles as long as they are cat friendly and feed them in moderation.


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