Can cats eat mealworms?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question, “Can cats eat mealworms?” We will also talk about if mealworms are harmful to cats, the health benefits of mealworms and how many mealworms can cats eat.

Can cats eat mealworms?

Yes, Cats can eat mealworms. Cats are curious creatures and would not pass up the opportunity to try new things. Cats often like to eat insects and mealworms are one of them. 

Farm-grown mealworms are the perfect snacks for cats as they are parasite-free and contain ample protein. Freeze-dried mealworms are widely available in the market and can be given as an occasional snack to your cats.

Are mealworms harmful to cats?

No, mealworms are not harmful to cats. Cas can safely consume mealworms without having to deal with serious health issues. Mealworms are rich in protein and can play a significant role in maintaining your cat’s health. 

However, you must be careful while feeding mealworms to your cat because they might contain parasites that can damage your cat’s health. Therefore, make sure to feed farm-raised or freeze-dried mealworms to your cat in order to protect their health.

What are the benefits of feeding mealworms to cats?

Mealworms are a healthy snack for your cat. Some of the benefits of feeding mealworms to cats are given below:

  • Cats can get ample amounts of proteins from mealworms to stay healthy as mealworms contain 45-55% proteins.
  • Mealworms can help to improve your cat’s coat health.
  • Eating mealworms can ensure healthy claws and whiskers in cats.
  • The protein in mealworms also helps to improve the strength of cartilage and ligaments.

Even though mealworms contain a lot of protein, they are not meant to replace your cat’s regular diet. You should only give mealworms to cats as an occasional snack.

Why do cats eat mealworms?

Cas like to eat mealworms because they are natural hunters and curious creatures. The movement of mealworms excites the cats to chase them and their curious nature entices them to eat the mealworms. 

Moreover, cats like protein foods and mealworms are 50% protein. This is another reason that drives cats to eat mealworms. Mealworms are healthy for your cats only when they are given in moderation. Therefore, make sure not to go overboard.

Are freeze-dried mealworms better for cats than live ones?

Yes, freeze-dried mealworms are much better for cats than live ones. Live mealworms in the wild may contain parasites that can seriously harm your cat’s health. On the other hand, dried mealworms are much healthier and easily available in the market. 

Dried mealworms are also free from harmful parasites. Therefore, they are much safer for cats. However, you should not make mealworms a significant part of your cat’s diet because cats need a balanced and nutritious diet to stay healthy and mealworms cannot fulfil all the nutrient requirements of cats.

How many mealworms can cats eat?

You should feed mealworms to cats in limited quantities. Mealworms should only be fed as treats so you should follow the 10% rule while giving mealworms to cats. Make sure mealworms only make up 10% of your cat’s entire diet. 

You should also make sure not to feed mealworms to your cat every day. Giving mealwrms to cats daily can disturb their regular diet and also cause stomach issues that can be very uncomfortable for cats. 

Feeding too many mealworms to cats at a time can also upset their health. Cats can vomit and develop stomach issues such as diarrhoea, stomach pain and constipation. Therefore,  Give mealworms to cats once in a while in limited amounts to ensure your cat’s safety. 


We answered the question, “Can cats eat mealworms?” We also talked about if mealworms are harmful to cats, the health benefits of mealworms and how many mealworms can cats eat.


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