Can cats eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch? 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a popular breakfast cereal and it consists of small squares or rectangles of wheat and rice, with a coating of sugar and cinnamon. This article will cover the concern “Can cats eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch?”, the benefits and risks associated with it, etc.   

Can cats eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch? 

No, cats cannot eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This is attributed to the sugar-bomb nature of cinnamon toast crunch. These cereals are high in sugar content and cats eating these extra sweet cereals may suffer from various health conditions due to upset stomach and intestinal tract. 

Cats generally don’t have any sugar receptors, so they can’t taste any sweet taste. Therefore, your cat won’t bother much about these cereals. However, if your cat eats these cereals, observe them for signs of upset stomach, vomiting, etc.

What are the risks associated with feeding cinnamon toast crunch to your cat? 

There are some serious health risks associated with these cereals consumption in your cat, some of them are mentioned below: 

Allergic reactions

Cats generally love the cinnamon taste but there are some cases of observed allergic reactions due to its consumption in cats. If there are any signs of scratching, swelling, or redness, stop feeding your cat cinnamon immediately and consult your veterinarian. 


Cinnamon can be a very fine powder and if your cat inhales it, it can cause a choking effect in them. Avoid this condition by giving your cat only a small amount of cinnamon at a time and monitoring them closely while they are eating it. 

High sugar content 

Cat’s digestive system is not responsive to sugar and it can cause serious health issues in them. These cereals are high in sugar and xylitol in sugar can cause hypoglycemia, liver failure, weight gain, obesity, and upset stomach in your cat.

Salt content 

Salts added in cinnamon can lead to salt poisoning in cats and can result in vomiting, diarrhea, incoordination, lethargy, decreased appetite, excessive thirst or urination, etc. 


Fructose and maltodextrin are also major components of cinnamon toast crunch and are not considered safe and healthy for cats. 


Raisins are not the main component of cinnamon toast crunch but they are added to give a sweet flavor. These raisins are highly dangerous for cats and can cause poisoning, lethargy, diarrhea, and vomiting in them. 


This compound has a scent resembling that of vanilla and is added as a flavoring substance in cinnamon toast crunch. High concentrations of it can negatively affect your pet and can cause liver damage, breathing problems, and even cancer. 

What are the benefits if your cat eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

These cereals are not considered safe for your cat, but there are some of its health benefits observed in cats, some are listed below:

Improved immunity 

These cereals can help to boost your cat’s immune system. This is because of the antioxidants in cinnamon, which help to tackle harmful free radicals in the body. 

Helps in circulation

Cinnamon helps in improving your cat’s blood circulation and increases blood flow to the extremities. It can be beneficial for older cats suffering from arthritis or other health issues. 

Healthy digestive system

The fiber content of cinnamon can help your cat maintain regularity and prevent constipation, leading to a healthy digestive system. While the gut flora is balanced with the presence of probiotics. 

Better cat-owner bond

Feeding your cat treats like cinnamon toast crunch is the best way to bond with them. Cats love the taste of cinnamon and giving them this treat occasionally can be a great way to show your cat that you care about them. 

How much cinnamon toast crunch is safe for your cat?

You should not give any amount of cinnamon toast crunch to your cat due to its great health risks. These cereals don’t have any nutritional value for your cat and will only cause trouble to its stomach and digestive system. 

If your cat keeps on insisting on these cereals, feed them in moderation and monitor them closely for signs of complication. One of the best ways to keep them away from these cereals is giving them their cat food at the same time you eat these cereals to distract them. 

Is cinnamon poisonous to your cat? 

No, it’s not poisonous for your cat. However, there are some serious health risks associated with its consumption in cats which you should be aware of before feeding it to your cat. These risks include choking, allergic reactions, and upset stomach.  


Today, we covered the article “Can cats eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch?”, the benefits and risks associated with it, etc. From the above discussion, we concluded that cats can’t eat cinnamon toast crunch due to their characteristic ingredients and associated health concerns. 

However, you can give make your pet habitual to cinnamon by gradually adding a small amount of it to your cat’s diet. If you notice any signs of upset stomach or allergy, stop feeding your cat cinnamon immediately and consult your veterinarian. 


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