Can cats eat caramel?

The smell of caramel does attract your cat but “Can cat eat caramel?”. This article will explore interesting facts regarding why caramel is terrible for cats, whether it is safe to give caramel to your cat, and whether cats can taste sugar.

Can cats eat caramel?

No, cats can not eat caramel. It is not poisonous or toxic to your cat. The ingredients used to make caramel are not healthy and can cause health concerns for your cat. Cats are weird and sometimes they get their paws on something that we can’t imagine them eating. 

Cats, unlike humans, do not have taste buds that can detect sweet things. So you should not feel bad about not giving sweet treats to your cat. Caramel is not healthy or nutritious for cats but is non-toxic. A small amount of caramel won’t cause any harm to your cat and won’t provide it with some nutrition.

Why is caramel terrible for cats?

There are many health hazards associated with eating caramel in cats. Caramel contains water, salt, sugar, butter, and cream. Cracked it all open, you can see that none of these ingredients are suitable for your cat, and combining them all will cause a disaster.

Also, if the snack or treat has additives other than caramel, it will likely cause more harm. Here are some of the health issues your cat will face if it eats caramel regularly:

Tooth decay:

The main ingredient of caramel is sugar; as bad as it is for teeth health in humans, it has the same effects on your cat’s teeth. With time, plaque will form, followed by tartar. The damaged teeth will be the house to welcome periodontal diseases. 

Even wet food can cause tooth decay, you can imagine what caramel can do with your cat’s teeth. 


If your cat has engulfed a large piece of caramel, it can cause intestinal blockage in your cat because their bodies are unable to break it down. These intentional obstructions can be lethal for your cats. The signs won’t appear for 24-48 hours, but you should take your cat to the vet instantly to be on the safe side. 


As the larger pieces have the ability to cause intestinal obstructions, they can also get stuck in your cat’s throat leading them to choking. Here are some of the common signs of choking in cats:

  • Coughing
  • Gagging
  • Distressed
  • Blue mucous membranes
  • Salivation
  • Pawing at their mouth
  • Face rubbing against ground or wall
  • Respiratory distress
  • Anorexia 

Harmful effects of sugar:

Sugar can not be any good for cats. It can cause obesity and digestive problems. Things that your cat is not supposed to eat cause damage to them. Cats are carnivores whose digestive system cannot process sugar, leading to digestive tract problems.

Moreover, obesity can trigger several diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. You can give you feline a snack designed explicitly for them, but human foods coated with sugar are not beneficial to them.


Some caramel treats have sugar in them and it contains thrombin and caffeine. Both these ingredients are highly toxic to your cat. They should not eat even a bit of it. 


If you have made caramel-coated apple slices, your cat might ingest some apple seeds. These seeds contain cyanide, and though the amount is not high enough to cause poisoning, it can cause mild symptoms of cyanide poisoning. 


Artificial sweetener is used in most sweet products like cakes, cupcakes, and caramel. Your cat won’t be able to process this sugar and will get several health problems. They should not taste the product containing xylitol.

Is it safe to give caramel to your cat?

If your cat had some of the caramel from your treatment, there is nothing to panic about. It won’t cause any severe health issues. But in older cats, it is likely to cause some trouble. Hence you should avoid these things for your old furry.

Can cats taste sugar?

It is a surprising fact that cats lack the ability to taste sweetness as in the wild, they only ate meat; their sweet taste buds might have dissolved or disappeared with time. 

They lack the sweet receptors on their tongue and mouth too. If you are treating your cat with some sweet treat, wondering if your cat will enjoy it, it won’t. Instead, sugar in that treatment will cause damage to your cat.


This article explored “Can cats eat caramel?”. We also enlightened you with some interesting facts regarding why caramel is bad for cats, whether it is safe to give caramel to your cat, and whether cats can taste sugar.

Caramel is nontoxic for your cat, but it is a “No” for them because caramel eating can lead your cat on a path of different health concerns we discussed above. It won’t even benefit your cat. It is better to keep them away from such treats.


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