Can birds eat dog food?

Do you have a bird and a dog at your home? Sometimes your bird can nibble on your dog’s food. Today we’ll discuss ” can birds eat dog food?”. You’ll also know what will happen if a bird eats dog food, the benefits of eating dog food to birds and much more.

Can dogs eat dog food?

Yes, birds can eat dog food. These foods are formulated for healthy dog nutrition and are equally beneficial for your bird. So if your bird eats some of your dog’s food, there is nothing to be worried about. But you should crush or moist the dry dog food before giving it to your bird. 

Crushed or moist dry food is easy to eat for your bird to nibble on.

What will happen if a bird eats dog food?

If the dog food is in oversized pallets or is not moist enough for your bird, it can cause choking in your bird. So make sure that you make the dog food wet enough so your birdie can have it easily.

Wet food, compared to dry food, is easier to chew on. Also, ensure that your bird and dog are not eating from the same bowl. It can spread parasites between them. Other than that, dog food is nutritious and beneficial for your dog.

What are the nutritional benefits of dog food to your bird?

Following are the nutritional benefits of dog food for birds:


Dog food contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for daily life. It helps your birds stay healthy. 

Following are the healthy nutrients present in dog food:

  • Vitamins 
  • Calcium
  • Folic acid 
  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber
  • Minerals 

There is much more that can benefit your birds. Besides, it is not easy for birds to find all these things in their regular feed. But before feeding this to your birds, you should ensure that it is organic and can be easily digested by your dog.

Also, wet the dry food by sprinkling some water in the food. So that it won’t chock your birdie friend. Dog food is an excellent temporary substitute when you’re out of your bird’s feed.


Birds need a precise amount of calories to stay healthy and fit. Dog food is full of calories, making it easier for birds to get their daily calories by eating a small amount of food.

Dog food doesn’t hurt your bird’s gastrointestinal tract. And this fact makes your bird appeal more to dog food.

Better birds food substitute:

It is a good option as a bird’s food replacement, even for a more extended or short period. Dog food contains all the good nutrients your bird needs for a healthy lifestyle. 

If you choose the right type of dog food for your bird, it won’t cause any problems.

Can birds have wet dog food?

Yes, dogs can eat wet dog food. Instead, it is easier to eat than dry food. It is soft and easy to nibble on. 

Can parrots eat dog food?

Yes, your parrot can have your dog’s food, but it certainly doesn’t mean you should not feed bird feed to your parrot. But dog food is high in protein as dogs need as they are carnivores, but birds don’t need a high protein diet. 

Parrots need food high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein.

How to give dog food to your bird?

Here are the tips on how to serve dog food to your bird:

  • Please do not use a deep bowl as it is difficult for the birds to eat from a deep bowl. Use a flat dish or utensil.
  • Do not use it to feed food to your dog, as the edges of the tin cans are sharp, and it can hurt your bird.
  • Use separate utensils to feed your bird.
  • Moist or crush the food palates before serving them to your dog.
  • If you are serving food to your garden birds, ensure that the bowl is in the shadow and in a safe corner where birds can quickly eat it.

Can wild birds eat your dog’s food?

Yes, wild birds can eat dog food. It is as healthy for them as it is for domestic birds. It provides all the nutrients and health benefits to the wild birds we discussed earlier.

But, dog food should not be offered as a primary food source for garden birds. Kitchen scrap is a better way to feed your garden birds because it is natural and organic and resembles the raw feed of birds.


Here we discussed ” can birds eat dog food?”. You also got to know what will happen if a bird eats dog food, what are the benefits of eating dog food to birds, can wild birds eat dog food and can birds eat wet dog food.


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