Can bearded dragons eat green onions?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question “can bearded dragons eat green onions?” We will also discuss the insects that can be fed to bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat green onions?

No, bearded dragons can not eat green onions. You should not feed green onions to the bearded dragon. The acidic nature of green onions can make it hard for the bearded dragon’s digestive system. 

If a bearded dragon ingests green onions, they may develop complications. Cooked or raw, avoid giving green onions to bearded dragons.

Whether the onions are barbequed, sauteed, boiled, or fried, they are not suitable for bearded dragons. Their digestive system is delicate. You should ensure that the packed vegetables mixed for bearded dragons do not have onions in them. 

In case bearded dragons eat onions without you knowing, do not panic. Green onions become dangerous when the bearded dragons consume them in large amounts or the mixed vegetables salad has onions as their majority food.

What do bearded dragons eat?

Bearded dragons’ nutrition is omnivores meaning they can eat rodents, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and insects. They tend to burrow down the ground, scurry rocks and climb bushes in search of food. 

When bearded dragons are domesticated, they become sedentary because there is limited room to move around. Their diet should be regulated to ensure they do not eat too much and have obese. 

The percentage of their food should have insects at 20%  and plants at 80%. This means if you have bearded dragons at home, feed them with plant material most of the time. Avet can advise you more on their diet .

Why should green onions not be fed to bearded dragons?

High levels of acidity

bearded dragons get a burning sensation when they eat green onions due to the high levels of acidity. The sensation causes the mouth and tongue of the bearded dragons to burn and they can irritate. 

This might make them not eat more food. Apart from irritation, onions can give bearded dragons heartburn in their throat. It can also inactivate the enzymes that digest food in the digestive tract.  

Onions can also cause indigestion and poor nutrient absorption.

The disproportionate ratio of calcium to phosphorus

Green onions have a disproportionate ratio causing an imbalance between the two minerals. The ion imbalance is not good for the dragons. When the levels of phosphorus are more than calcium, the calcium intake by the body is interfered with, causing a deficiency of this mineral in the bearded dragons.

In case calcium is in excess due to the imbalance it can cause toxicity and eventually cause health complications. Vegetables given to bearded dragons should have balanced ions. The vegetables should have a ratio of two to one. 

bearded dragons tend to draw the calcium they need from the ones when there is calcium deficiency leading to a bone disease of metabolism. 

Toxified Digestive System

Green onions contain toxic substances. Green onions cause burning and vomiting and eventually interfere with digestion.  The steam in onions can also irritate the eyes of the bearded dragons. 

In case green onions are accidentally mixed with bearded dragon vegetables, they might cause a slippery fluid on the vegetable making it unpleasant all the same. It is best to avoid green onions completely.

Which insects can be fed to bearded dragons?

Crickets are loaded with proteins and calcium that are good for the bearded dragons. You can find this in pet stores.

Dubia Roaches. They have high protein content and fat levels. They are easy to store as bearded dragons’ food because they do not easily escape.

Worms. Worms are nutritious for bearded dragons. Different types of worms can be fed to bearded dragons including mealworm, phoenix worm, wax worm, silkworms, and butter worm.

There are some insects to avoid such as Eiderbugs, Dead insects, and venomous insects. Wild insects should also be avoided. The insects you buy should be rich in minerals and vitamins.

Which foods should not be fed to bearded dragons?

Lettuce causes bearded dragons to have diarrhea due to their high fiber content.

Citric fruits have very high acidity and can be harsh to the digestive system of bearded dragons

Other foods to avoid include Wild plants, Rhubarbs, green Beets, and avocado.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “can bearded dragons eat green onions?” We have also discussed the insects that can be fed to bearded dragons and why green onions are not good for bearded dragons.

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