In this brief article, we will answer the questions: can bearded dragons eat apples, what are the benefits of feeding bearded dragons apples, what is the nutrient composition of apples, what are bearded dragons, and what are apples. We will also explore other foods that bearded dragons eat. 

Can bearded dragons eat apples?

Bearded dragons can eat apples. They should be given only small pieces of apples on a weekly basis. They are omnivorous and feed mostly on insects and plants. Apples can be used to supplement nutrients that may be lacking in the dragon’s diet. 

What are the benefits of feeding apples to bearded dragons?

Apples are rich in vitamins C and A which help in improving the immune system of the bearded dragon. This is by acting as antioxidants which reduce the number of free radicals that predispose them to diseases. 

Apples are also rich in fiber which aids in digestion. This is because fiber helps improve bowel movement and prevents possible cases of constipation. 

Apples are also rich in water which helps in keeping the dragons hydrated. Apples contain iron which helps in the formation of red blood cells thus improving blood circulation. Apples are starchy and contain carbohydrates that are essential as they provide energy in the dragon’s body. 

The consumption of apples by bearded dragons provides an essential element called potassium. Potassium helps in the regulation of blood pressure through enhanced osmotic regulation. This prevents cases of kidney and liver disease. 

What are apples?

These are the fruits of the Malus domestica. They are edible and are colored in two different variations that are red and green. The fruit is rich in nutrients, carbs, and starch. The seeds are not eaten as they contain traces of hydrogen cyanide that may be poisonous when consumed in large amounts. 

Apple trees are widely cultivated and their fruits are common in groceries and stores. The apple trees are of many species and have been bred to fit various tastes and uses. The trees normally grow to a height of 2-4.5 meters. The shape and sizes vary with the level of fertility in the soils. 

What are bearded dragons?

These are reptiles consisting of six species. They are referred to as bearded as they contain small spikes on the underside of their throat. These spikes are useful in telling whether the dragons are stressed or threatened as they tend to change their color. 

They tend to live on branches, bushes, and rocks. They mainly feed on insects, vegetation, and small rodents. They are mainly found in Australia but they also inhibit desserts, semi-desert, and shrublands. Their scientific name is Pogona spp. 

What is the nutrient composition of apples?

Apples contain few calories ranging between 50-60kcal. They are rich in other elements as indicated in the table below.

Nutrient. Concentration. 
Fiber. 2.4g per 100g
Proteins. 0.3g per 100g
Fat. 0.2g per 100g
Carbohydrates. 13.8g per 100g
Sugar. 10.4 grams per 100g
Vitamins. 8% of the dietary value
Potassium 3% of the dietary value
Magnesium 1% of the dietary value

Apples contain fiber which is essential in promoting digestion and bowel movements. This reduces the chances of suffering from constipation. It also contains carbohydrates that act as a source of energy when consumed. 

The carbohydrates present are simple sugars such as glucose and fructose. Apples also contain vitamin C and magnesium which serve as antioxidants. They help in getting rid of free radicals that are precursor diseases and inflammations in bearded dragons.

What are the other types of foods that can be fed to bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons mainly feed on insects, small rodents, and vegetation. They can be fed on the following delicacies; 

  • Ants and beetles. Ants are present in gardens and outside. Beetles are mainly found in cereals and on vegetation as they tend to facilitate bacterial and viral plant diseases. 
  • They can also be fed on cockroaches, earthworms, crickets, and super worms. These serve as good sources of proteins for the dragons. Crickets are dried and sold. They can be bought here
  • Bearded dragons also feed on fruits such as grapes, bananas, apples, strawberries, watermelon, and blueberries. Fruits provide essential elements such as vitamins, potassium, iron, zinc, and dietary fiber. 


In this brief article, we have answered the questions: can bearded dragons eat apples, what are the benefits of feeding bearded dragons apples, what is the nutrient composition of apples, what are bearded dragons, and what are apples. We have also explored other foods that bearded dragons eat. 


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