Best restaurants in Worcester

In this brief blog we will look at some of the best restaurants in Worcester.

Best restaurants in Worcester

The Heart of the Commonwealth as Worcester has been referred to for over 200 years provides a very multicultural and nice dining scene. It offers a wide range of cuisines ranging from West African to Vietnamese and there are numerous restaurants that you definitely need to give a try when in this beautiful city.

To save you the hustle and bustle of scouring the city looking for nice restaurants, we have hand-picked some of the 5 best restaurants in Worcester for you to indulge in.

Accra Girls Restaurant

Accra Girls restaurant is best known for its West African cuisine. It is a fairly small family owned restaurant which is located at Grafton street and offers a sumptuous ‘Taste of Ghana’. It has signature dishes such as kenkey which is a sourdough dumpling like meal or banku which are fermented corn and cassava dumplings served with fish.

It also serves some Ghana staples such as okra and yam stews, jollof rice. The main stews can be enjoyed with a choice of rice, veggies and meats that can be built from their own bowls and wraps.

Armsby Abbey

Armsby Abbey is touted as one of the best beer bars in New England. And it sure does live up to this because it has some of the best craft beers that you have ever tasted. It provides a great draft list that includes regional treasures such as some very difficult to find brews from Vermont’s fabled Hill Farmstead.

Besides the beers it also features some great cocktails such as North face negroni, Dry hopped paloma, Pistachio Mai Tai, White Sangria among others. To make the deal juicier, it tops it up with great food such as pan-roasted chicken, short rib pot pie and some great double-patty burger topped with caramelized onions great for downing the beers.

Baba Sushi

If you are looking for some good sushi then Baba Sushi is the place to go. This brick and beam accented space provides some of the city’s best sushi comparable to none. It has options such as salmon, super-fresh fluke, yellowtail, eel.

While there you should also try out the starters which are to die for, they have some nice spicy starters such as shichimi, pepper crusted tuna belly. If you are a sake person, you are in luck as they provide a variety of options such as nigori sake, sweet sake, hot sake and dry sake.

For people that have gluten intolerance they can try out the desserts because they are all gluten free. The desserts on the menu are Key Lime cheesecake, Banana flambe, Mocha Chocolate Mousse Cake, Ginger Ice Cream and Coconut Ice Cream.

Baba Sushi also has locations in Sturbridge, Bristol as well as Bolton.

Olo Pizza

Craving some pizza, then Olo pizza is the place to go. Olo pizza is a wood oven pizza restaurant that focuses on Neapolitan style pizza that has been charred at high temperatures. They have a wide range of picks from red sauce-slathered rounds with numerous topping options such as roasted peppers, thick cups of pepperoni and local sausages.

If you are not looking for pizza, you can munch into their sumptuous wings which are oven cooked and have a lemon pepper rub. They also have some Italian favorites such as meatballs and some sumptuous antipasto.

If you are out for something shareable then you should definitely try out their truffle parmesan fries. The French fries are hand cut and finished with some truffle oil. The Parmesan fries are perfect as an appetizer.

B.T.’s Fried Chicken & BBQ

This is one of the best smokehouses in Sturbridge and undoubtely of the best places to have barbeque in New England. It offers some of the best meats in town which inlcude platters of pulled pork, beef brisket and even offers the good ole mac n cheese and some pecan pie.


In this brief blog we have looked at some of the best restaurants in Worcester.


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