Are potatoes good for weight loss?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query,”Are potatoes good for weight loss?” We will also discuss some common potato preparation mistakes that can prevent you from losing weight.

Are potatoes good for weight loss?

Yes, potatoes are good for weight loss because they are a high fiber food and also contain resistant starch which means that they can keep you fuller for longer and avoid you binging on other foods.

Potatoes are also rich in potassium which assists in preventing water retention and therefore plays a crucial role in assisting with weight loss. Some studies have also shown that potatoes can assist in fat cell shrinking.

White and sweet potatoes are both a low-calorie food. A pound of potatoes contains about 400 calories compared to a pound of white bread which has 1,200 calories. This means that you can consume potatoes as part of a low-calorie diet.

Potatoes rate high on the satiety index with boiled potatoes ranked as the most satiating of the common foods and therefore their consumption will make you fuller for longer.

Potato skins are a good source of fiber which aids in slowing down digestion, promoting fullness and decreasing hunger levels. Potatoes also have a compound known as proteinase inhibitor which triggers hormone secretion that lowers hunger and slows digestion.

What are some common potato preparation mistakes that can prevent you from losing weight?

Preparing them in unhealthy ways

Let’s face it, a lot of people love eating french fries. Prepping potatoes as french fries by deep frying them is not a healthy way because of the high levels of fats which can result in weight gain and also Type 2 diabetes.

For instance, just a medium serving of french fries from fast food joints can contain about 380 calories, 180g of fat. 221 mg of sodium and about 50g of carbs. Such values are disastrous for anyone looking to shed weight by consuming potatoes.

You should therefore steer clear from consuming potatoes that have been deep fried by unhealthy oils and instead opt for baked, mashed or oven roasted potatoes.

You should as well take caution in the topping that come with baked potatoes. If you consume potatoes topped with a lot of cheese, bacon and sour cream you are steering off the wrong direction when it comes to weight loss.

You are not substituting them for refined grains

Research that was conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition on people who consumed either  1 potato-based side dish or 1 refined grain-based side dish found that people who opted for the potato based side dish had a better overall diet score.

This is because they consumed more dietary fiber which is associated with weight loss. You should therefore consider replacing any refined carbs that you oftenly consume such as pizza, crackers, white bread, baked products and instead switch them for potatoes.

You are not minding your portion sizes

Potatoes are a great and healthy addition to your diet but even so you should be careful about the amount of potatoes you eat so as to not have high calories intake tha your body requires leading to weight gain.

When looking to lose weight on a calorie reduced diet, you should ensure that you take all foods in consideration when tracking your calorie intake and make sure that you only consume the correct portion sizes.

You are not eating potatoes with the skin

Potato skins are very nutritious and help provide about 7 percent of your dietary fiber requirements for the day. Data has shown that only 10 percent of the population gets to meet their fiber requirements.

Fiber is a very important nutrient when it comes to weight loss as it makes you feel fuller for longer. Therefore ensure that you retin the skin when making baked, mashed or oven roasted potatoes. You are required to first thoroughly clean the potato skin so as to remove any soil particles, dirt, bugs and any other debris.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query,”Are potatoes good for weight loss?” We have also discussed some common potato preparation mistakes that can prevent you from losing weight.

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