Are poblano peppers hot?

In this brief blog, we will answer the question,”Are poblanos peppers hot?” We will look at what poblano peppers taste like. We will discuss the differences between poblanos and jalapenos. We will also talk about how to cook with poblanos.

Are poblano peppers hot?

Poblano peppers are mildly hot. The pungency (spiciness or “heat”) of chili peppers is measured using a scale known as the Scoville scale. Poblano peppers range between 1,000 Scoville heat units (SHU) to 1,500 SHU which is in the milder range.

Poblano peppers are one of Mexico’s favorite chili peppers, more so if you put into consideration that the poblano is the ancho pepper. The poblanos are usually ripened fully until they get to a red color and then they are dried.

The spiciness of chili peppers can run into millions for some of the spiciest peppers and all the way down to zero for sweet bell peppers. As previously mentioned Poblano peppers range from 1,000 to 2,000 SHUs which means they are mild peppers.

Poblanos are slightly milder than slender Anaheim peppers and are less spicier than serranos which have about 16,500 SHUs. Poblano peppers have a taste that resembles that of fresh and green bell peppers but they also contain some spiciness and earthiness that distinguishes them.

The more ripened the poblanos, the spicier they are and as such red poblanos tend to be spicier than the green poblanos. Due to their low level of heat coupled with their size, the poblanos make a popular choice for a lot of Latin American and Tex-Mex dishes that are roasted, stuffed or blended into sauces.

What do poblano peppers taste like?

Poblanos, especially the green ones, have a deep and a little earthy flavor to them. This flavor adds some depth to the overall garden-fresh pepperiness that they also have. As the poblanos continue to age, the flavor picks up some sweetness with them. 

When poblano peppers are dried as an ancho they usually take on some earthy sweetness that combines with some sweet smokiness.

What are the differences between poblanos and jalapenos?

Both Poblanos and Jalapenos are green chili peppers, however if you replace one with the other in a recipe, you will find that it does not give the same result. When you look at these 2 peppers in the store, you will notice that they have a size and shape difference.

Jalapenos are usually between two and three inches long and have smooth and tapered shapes. Poblano peppers are larger and have a dark green skin with a surface that is not regular. They usually resemble regular and green bell peppers except for the fact that they are elongated and have a pointed tip.

Poblanos and Jalapenos are also different in terms of their spiciness levels. Poblanos as mentioned previously, have a top spiciness of about 2,000 Scoville Heat Units and average at about 1,250 SHUs. On the other hand, jalapenos range between 2,500 to 8,000 SHUs and therefore they can be upto 8 times spicier than Poblano peppers.

Poblanos also have a different taste profile as compared to Jalapenos. Poblanos have an ‘earthy’ taste whereas ‘Jalapenos’ have a much fresher and ‘brighter’ taste. However, both of these peppers will bring about a chili pepper flavor and also spiciness in your dishes. That said, you should know that substituting jalapenos for poblanos means that your dish will have more heat.

How do you cook with poblanos?

A lot of Mexican and Southwestern dishes make use of Poblanos as a key ingredient. One of the favorite dishes that uses poblanos is the Mexican stuffed pepper dish, chillies rellenos. Poblanos are also a great ingredient that can be used in enchiladas, burritos, tacos and a lot more foods.

They tend to be family friendly as compared to other chilis such as jalapenos that are very common, and therefore poblanos can be used in a wide variety of dishes without any concerns.

You can have poblanos raw but their flavor comes out better when they are roasted or grilled. They usually have a deep and earthy flavor which deepens especially when they have a little charring.


In this brief blog, we have answered the question,”Are poblanos peppers hot?” We have looked at what poblano peppers taste like. We have discussed the differences between poblanos and jalapenos. We have also talked about how to cook with poblanos.


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