Air fryer cancer warning: is it true?

In this short article, we will discuss if the warning that air fryer causes cancer is true or not, and will also show you how it works.

Air fryer cancer warning: is it true?

The answer is no! The risk of food produced at temperatures exceeding 120o for an extended period of time is mentioned in numerous posts on the internet. A chemical called “acrylamide,” which is carcinogenic would be released during this procedure.

There is a rumour that using an air fryer to prepare food can increase your risk of developing cancer because of certain compounds that are emitted. 

Acrylamide would be the most significant, followed by heterocyclic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and (HCAs). However, it is inaccurate to assert that the air fryer causes cancer.

The cautions regarding acrylamide caution against cooking food for an extended period of time above 120 degrees since a bigger amount of this carcinogenic material would be produced.

When starchy foods are heated to a high temperature while being boiled, roasted, grilled, or fried until they reach a dark brown hue, acrylamide is created. Take rice, corn, oats, wheat, sweet potatoes, cassava, and potatoes as examples.

Studies on animals have linked the consumption of these acrylamide-rich overcooked foods to an increased risk of developing cancer. 

However, studies on humans have not discovered any solid proof that consuming acrylamide-containing foods increases the chance of developing cancer.

She continues by saying that research on PAHs and HCAs has demonstrated that they can lead to genetic DNA alterations, which in turn raise the likelihood of tumour growth. Typically, meats contain these ingredients.

Only after being processed by particular physiological enzymes may HCAs and PAHs cause DNA damage (bioactivation). 

According to studies, the activity of these enzymes, which varies from person to person, may be important in determining the likelihood of developing cancer after being exposed to these substances.

HCAs primarily develop when meat is grilled or browned in a skillet over 150 degrees. In other words, well-done chicken and steak, whether roasted or grilled, tend to have more of it. Barbecues and other cooking techniques that expose meat to smoke can produce PAHs.

How does an air fryer work?

You have to think that it takes a lot of witchcraft to create frying equipment without oil, don’t you? It’s easier than you may imagine.  The name of this particular sort of fryer already reveals how it operates.

The air fries. Although it sounds absurd, that is what it is. The air fryer uses air to fry food within. Hot air—actually, extremely hot air. An electric coil on the fryer’s top heats up when your electric fryer is turned on. Electric grills and grills are comparable to this apparatus.

The food is heated internally as a result of the heat, which has already heated the container to an extreme temperature. Inside the pocket, it gets really warm. The temperature inside increases to 300 degrees in three minutes!

The propellers start turning.

The magic begins at that point: A few tiny, extremely fast-moving propellers start to circulate this heated air inside the meal plate, quickly frying the food.

Air is distributed uniformly throughout the meal thanks to the pan’s shape and the interior of the fryer. Each manufacturer has created a unique airflow model for its air fryer. 


Yes, we have disclosed the producers of fryers’ well-kept secret, dear reader. The food’s moisture is used to cook it to the highest degree. Convection cooking is this sort of cooking, and commercial ovens frequently use this cooking technique.

Thus, you have food that has been cooked at a high temperature without the addition of oil, but it is dry and has that mouthwatering, crispy coating. The fat content of handmade French fries cooked in an air fryer can be as low as 1.5%.

Well-baked or fried?

Perhaps the phrase “fried” isn’t fitting for the way these items are prepared, as you may have noticed. Food is overdone, which keeps it crispy and dry. 

Because of this, some people feel that it is inappropriate to refer to these pans as oil-free fryers and instead prefer to call them “baking pans with air.” 

But regardless of the term, everyone acknowledges that foods prepared with it have a feel remarkably similar to that of fried foods and are healthier as a result (compared to frying).


In this short article, we will discuss if the warning that air fryer causes cancer is true or not, and will also show you how it works.


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